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I really like the use of primary sources here. This will be great for my classroom. I look forward to using them.

I am giving this letter to my principal-- but where does he "approve" us applying?



If I am doing the affiliate application as well as my own application for a teaching seminar and I submit it some time next week, I should be okay for the February 14th deadline for the summer seminars, right?

Hi Bill,

All participants are eligible to receive travel reimbursement.

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Love the primary sources for my students to use as exhibits for DBQ style questions, which is in keeping with skill development for the new PARCC assessments.

Hi Cathy,
Teachers can download an use any images that are on our website. If you need a coy of an image that is not on our site, please send our librarian an email at and let him know what you would like. Teachers are entitled to 5 free electronic copies per year. Affiliate School Members, TAHG or GLI Seminar
participants qualify for 20 free copies.

Great detail

Using eyewitness and real source material to discover history is an excellent way to make history real and alive. Use history to teach history!

I am now using G.L. Documents for the first time. I teach S.C. History and would love to use some of you primary documents in my classroom however it appears that I must pay for anything I use. Is that the case?
Cathy Zion

Thank you for the paired resource. I teach both ELA and history and spend a good deal of time gathering resources to complement the fiction I use. These lesson plans meet my needs, and those of my students who are learning to evaluate fiction in the light of non-fiction information.

This music is simply moving! Are the lyrics available? I would like to do some Close Readings with my young students.

Are the lyrics for the songs on the jutebox available?

I am giving the letter to my principal. Does he need to send anything to you in return? Thanks, Amy

How do I cite this primary source? Anyone?

Great well planned lesson.Organized very well. Thank you for sharing,

Dear Jill,
Congratulations! It is so wonderful that the GL History Teacher of the year comes from our First State!

You can find the poster "The Man is not Bought at the Library of Congress:

Very excited to incorporate into my WWII unit...we are making a lot of effort to incorporate more primary source analysis activities into our lessons!

Agree with EA. In addition, incorporation of topography brings the battle to life visually in a way that is typically hard to capture so long after the fact.
Stuvesant High School

Although the Battle of Gettysburg was unexpected by both sides, each minor detail whether it involve the terrain or the soldiers, added to the result. War in the 19th century may have been more coincidence and circumstance than strategy and war heroes.

It's really interesting how the topography played such an important role in both sides' military strategy and execution. Cemetery Hill, The Round Tops, and Culp's Hill all affected the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg. This is something that is not usually taught in classes, but remains a topic in need of recognition.
Stuyvesant High School

Really insightful and thought provoking on the political ideas of the north. Details about the military conflicts were also enlightening.

Stuyvesant High School

Great connection to the modern day - the "handshake" is a powerful bridge for learning.
Stuyvesant HS

Wonderful essay!

This is a great essay

I teach in the Fayetteville-Manlius School District in upstate New York. I noticed that the High School, which I worked at last year, is on the affiliate list. I currently work at one of the middle schools in the district, Eagle Hill. I was wondering if I still had to sign up the specific school I work at, even if the high school is one the list.

This is extremely useful. I have modified it so that my 7th grade students can compare the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico to that of the US.

very interesting, fact and fiction both..myth and reality. great fact checking and debunking

Hi Sally,

Please email any corrections or additions to and include your school name.


Very interesting

How do I replace a completed Affiliate School application for the incomplete one I must have accidentally submitted?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Sally Hunter

This is an outstanding document to use with Middle School Honors students.
A teacher can use the DBQ method to create manageable parts of the document for analysis discussion and extended thinking activities.

thanks for this. I used some info for my nhd paper

When was the date of publication?

Send me an email and phone contact information to to you soon,Ron

I have attached a link to a wonderful overview of the issue from historians Sven Beckert from Harvard and Seth Rockman from Brown.Here is the link
The classic book on the subject is Eric Williams Capitalism and Slavery but there are a number of more recent studies as well (
Hope this helps,Ron Nash,Senior Education Fellow,Gilder Lehrman Institute

Can someone please explain question number 6? I am having a hard time grasping exactly what it is asking. Thanks!

Next year, every student at my school will have ipads. Is your site fully compatible with ipad functions (or lack of functions like flashplayer)?

Not sure where to ask this question but will try here and see what happens. I've attended several GL seminars in the past but the last one was in 2009 or 2010 and it appears that a lot has changed. My school is not an affiliate school and I'm not sure what my status is regarding applying for another seminar. Would I qualify for the $400 or $500 travel stipend as I have before or is my situation as an independent school and would need matching funds to qualify for the stipend? I teach at a public school in Oklahoma and qualified for the travel funds the other times but am unsure of how to proceed. Can you give me some guidance, thanks!

Congrats, Jill! Thank you for providing a great example of empowerment and keeping history alive and thriving on the elementary level! You inspire all of us as you inspire your students!
Sarah Scovell Muraski
St. Francis Xavier Middle School
Appleton, WI

Fantastic essay!

Great reading strategies to support learning. I'd love to see the same support in the writing section. For example, graphic organizer for claims/counterclaims and another for logging text evidence. Thank you for the work as is, just thinking ahead.

Just getting my feet wet at this it

Dear Ms. Berkin,
I have published a book on the monuments of Gettysburg Military Park that I believe is suitable for the Institute's constituency. I hope you will have a chance to take a look. At present it is formatted for the iPad.
Thank you. Ellen Land-Weber

ELA 8 unit 2

I'm doing a report on Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella's choice to finance his voyage ,& this was VERY helpful!

This is an excellent resource for students to analyze in an evaluation of conditions at Valley Forge.

(I could not get the full essay to display.)

I would argue that the suffrage cause was further along in 1916 than is stated in this excerpt. The addition of California to the suffrage column in 1911 was very important, as was the enactment of partial (including presidential) suffrage in Illinois in 1913.

really good

Mayflower Compact/Pilgrims primary source/common core great activity