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How do I replace a completed Affiliate School application for the incomplete one I must have accidentally submitted?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Sally Hunter

This is an outstanding document to use with Middle School Honors students.
A teacher can use the DBQ method to create manageable parts of the document for analysis discussion and extended thinking activities.

thanks for this. I used some info for my nhd paper

When was the date of publication?

Send me an email and phone contact information to to you soon,Ron

I have attached a link to a wonderful overview of the issue from historians Sven Beckert from Harvard and Seth Rockman from Brown.Here is the link
The classic book on the subject is Eric Williams Capitalism and Slavery but there are a number of more recent studies as well (
Hope this helps,Ron Nash,Senior Education Fellow,Gilder Lehrman Institute

Can someone please explain question number 6? I am having a hard time grasping exactly what it is asking. Thanks!

Next year, every student at my school will have ipads. Is your site fully compatible with ipad functions (or lack of functions like flashplayer)?

Not sure where to ask this question but will try here and see what happens. I've attended several GL seminars in the past but the last one was in 2009 or 2010 and it appears that a lot has changed. My school is not an affiliate school and I'm not sure what my status is regarding applying for another seminar. Would I qualify for the $400 or $500 travel stipend as I have before or is my situation as an independent school and would need matching funds to qualify for the stipend? I teach at a public school in Oklahoma and qualified for the travel funds the other times but am unsure of how to proceed. Can you give me some guidance, thanks!

Congrats, Jill! Thank you for providing a great example of empowerment and keeping history alive and thriving on the elementary level! You inspire all of us as you inspire your students!
Sarah Scovell Muraski
St. Francis Xavier Middle School
Appleton, WI

Fantastic essay!

Great reading strategies to support learning. I'd love to see the same support in the writing section. For example, graphic organizer for claims/counterclaims and another for logging text evidence. Thank you for the work as is, just thinking ahead.

Just getting my feet wet at this it

Dear Ms. Berkin,
I have published a book on the monuments of Gettysburg Military Park that I believe is suitable for the Institute's constituency. I hope you will have a chance to take a look. At present it is formatted for the iPad.
Thank you. Ellen Land-Weber

ELA 8 unit 2

I'm doing a report on Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella's choice to finance his voyage ,& this was VERY helpful!

This is an excellent resource for students to analyze in an evaluation of conditions at Valley Forge.

(I could not get the full essay to display.)

I would argue that the suffrage cause was further along in 1916 than is stated in this excerpt. The addition of California to the suffrage column in 1911 was very important, as was the enactment of partial (including presidential) suffrage in Illinois in 1913.

really good

Mayflower Compact/Pilgrims primary source/common core great activity

KC, I'm curious to know if you ever tried to adapt the lesson for 8th graders. The lesson looks great but it's too much for my 8th graders.

Thank you so much! We are happy you are using this unit in your classroom.

Quite a elaborate work!!
Using in class will be interesting!!

The lessons succinctly outlined in this mini-unit provide a perfect entry point into speeches and argument for my students who need more scaffolding in order to successfully unpack such a dense text. Thank you for creating and sharing it!

This is really a nice and informative, containing all information and also has a great impact on the new technology.I admire the valuable information you offer in your content articles. I will bookmark your weblog. I am quite certain i will learn lots of new stuff right here than anybody else!

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I have a letter from John F. Weeks dated September 4, 1864 to the family of my 3rd great uncle who was killed in the Battle of Jonesboro below Atlanta. The letter describes his friendship with my uncle, how and where he was killed and offers his services as much as to come to the family since he would be discharged soon.

He's right that no Indians were present at the conferences. Good essay, not perfect obviously, however good.

Students may log in using the Register link on the home page. They'll just need to list a teacher's email on the page. If you have any other questions about registering students or the Affiliate School program, please email me at

Fantastic lesson; supports the Common Core AND the arts. Thank you.

The census mentioned in this teaching resource has been written up in William Thorndale, "The Virginia Census of 1619," Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, 33 (Summer 1995): 155-170. The author argues that this census, from the Ferrar Papers at Cambridge University, enumerates the population of the Virginia colony in March-May 1619, prior to the arrival of the 20 Africans reported in August 1619. The document includes 32 Africans.

It was written for the Spring 2007 issue of History Now on American Cities.

Yes, the date 1899 is correct. The photographer was Frances Benjamin Johnston. According to biographer Bettina Berch, Johnston took more than 700 photographs in 1899 for a project documenting public schools in Washington, DC, and this photo of a girls' basketball team was one of them. (Bettina Berch, The Woman behind the Lens: the Life and Work of Frances Benjamin Johnston [Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2000], 42.)

This is good! I am going to give it a try next week!

Great stuff on JFK and LBJ

is the date underneath the picture correct

tells what us humans need for survival

Thank you for the feedback- we are glad you find these useful for the classroom.

These are fantastic! A great resource. Thank you!

Hi, this article was very interesting.
Can someone tell me in which year it was written ?

Will use with unit on World War IS I.

I will be trying this lesson.

Nice high level questions on this one. :)

My school is already an affiliate, but I do not know which person on campus (if he or she is still here) set it up. How do students get access if we do not issue students school email accounts?

check it out

I'm teaching high school kids how to read, so this is very helpful- goes right along with what I know and am trying to do with them. Thank you for putting it in a format that makes sense. Humanities Forever!

I agree with kbodington. Five days on just this? Perhaps it would be beneficial to use this technique with multiple newspaper articles on several events of the time period to allow for greater "content coverage". I'd love to hear from other teachers about this...

We do not have a Spanish version of this document, but we do have other Spanish language documents. Please email our Reference Librarian at if you are interested in receiving a list of these materials.