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Good for FDR critics

Hello Julie,

Sounds great. When I posted my reply it went to page two, so I wanted to make sure you got this message from me. I'll be coming in on American Airlines flight 1223 from Dallas Ft Worth at 1:55pm. How shall we find each other?

I live in Southern California and will be driving out. I'm really excited about this seminar as I was raised in the South (Alabama) and love Jazz! If anyone wants to chat before hand drop me a line at

Excellent! I will be on American Airlines flight 1223 from Dallas-Fort Worth, landing at 1:55pm. Thank you Jim and Julie.

I was hoping to hear that! Looking forward to meeting everyone Sunday!

I'm arriving at 7:25 and would like to share a shuttle. Matthew?



I'm arriving at 7:25 and would like to share a shuttle. My cell is 269-720-9684. Send me a text if still interested. Shelley
870 703 7731

I will be arriving at the Charolettesville airport via US Airways at 1:53 if anyone would be interested in sharing a cab.

Waylon Lewallen

Awesome! See you Sunday. Also, I don't know if it matters, but I'll have one bag.

Good plan. I look forward to meeting you all!

I greatly look forward to meeting you all....! Started to pack my bags and pile through the readings. Had to go back to school to print out the course reader. Thanks for the patience Wendy!

Best to all and see you soon.

This is a spectacular document by D.L. Phillips (Don't know much about him, but am eager to learn more since he's clearly a character!) from 1876, part of a series of his "travel" missives available at the Library of Congress website. Applications and relevance are pretty obvious: role of immigrants in the building of modern America. It's a brilliant example of anti-Irish sentiment expressed through a celebratory description of the hard-working Chinese. It could, of course, be used in conjunction with teaching the Chinese Exclusion Act or as a historical corollary to the recent satire, "A Day Without a Mexican." You will find my analysis Qs for students on the final page of the document.

I checked the LaGuardia website. Max in cab is 4 but a van can go up to 5 for the same price. We will have no problem fitting everyone.

That does sound like a plan. My cell # is 210-421-1956. I look forward to meeting all of you. I will see you at the baggage claim area on Sunday.

Travis: I believe that you and Julie are joining us for the great super shuttle ride. What is your flight arrival info?


Shannon: Great. I will look for you in Dallas. FYI: I am actually flying from Washington Dulles to Dalles.

Hi Emily,

I bet we can get a taxi van for the four of us.

Can you send your cell number?


Since there is a handful of us that would like to see it, arranging the purchase of seats together will be difficult. We thought we could purchase tickets when we were in New York and of course, the more the merrier!

Hello! Just wondering if anyone else is registered or logged in yet. I will be flying into LAX on Sunday and was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing a shuttle?

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

Janet Lobo

Ken, I arrive in San Jose at almost the same time. I checked, but had to book the shuttle separately but I will probably be on the same shuttle as you.

My flight arrives at 12:30pm. If anyone else is arriving around that time, please let me know! I'd love to share a cab/van to UVA. My email is or you can text/call me at (603) 966 7418. Thanks!

Focus Questions: To analyze cartoon and compare sources

Attached is an introductory lesson I used with my 6th graders in exploring Manifest Destiny and how it relates to John Gast's painting American Progress. I used the drama technique of tableau to do an art analysis of the painting and we also created tableaus to study the different groups of people struggling during the Westward Movement. Ask any questions if clarification is needed!

Just in case, my phone number is 740-707-8030

I bet there is. Show up and we'll figure it out. See you Sunday.

Kevin, Angela, and Ellen,

I get in at 1:56. Can I meet you in the baggage area and ride with you guys? No worries if the cab is getting too tight!

emilybreite at gmail

Jennifer and Monica,
I haven't got my hotel yet, but I plan to get one near national which is on the sub lline. (or just a hotel near a subway stop) that way I can get the car saturday nite, park at the hotel take the metro in to town for the morning and then take the subway back to the hotel. You guys can then take the subway too and meet me at some designated time which is cheaper than a taxi. Does this sound like a plan? I am available by phone until july 1 then I'll be in Italy till the 10th. 505 321-1757

Sharon, does this work for you? Would you like to share your rental car and gas costs with Monica and me? If you don't want to pick us up at Dulles, I can meet Monica and the two of us can take a taxi or the metro to meet up with you in DC on Sunday afternoon.

Hi Jennifer,

Have you already made arrangements to see Memphis? Or are you purchasing tickets once you are in New York? Please let me know!


I just noticed you're on the same flight as me. Travis is arriving at 2:00 p.m.(see post below) Do you think there's room for the two of us on y'all's shuttle?


Travis, I'll share a ride with you. I get into Denver at 1:55 from DFW.


Sure. That would be good. My cell is 731-676-3281.

Salami Tactics
Time line: Useful for intro activity

Richtor Scale of the Cold War: D├ętente or Brinkmanship?

NATO Articles 3, 4 and 5 with focus questions

Warsaw Pact Article 3 and 4 with focus questions

If anyone else is flying into Boston's Logan airport, I'd love to share a van ride. I've looked at several, and I think we could get a better deal if there were 3-5 of us going out at the same time. I'm flexible as to time. Anyone interested?

My flight arrives at 5:30. Is anyone else arriving around that time who would like to share a cab to Monticello? My cell phone number is (617) 710-1550.

Flow chart to examine how strategy is developed

allied support to aid to Europe

allied support to aid to Europe

I will be arriving at SNA Sunday 7/15 at 3:45, so I will email Victoria to work out travel to campus. If anyone wants to join us around that time, let me know!
Sara Marx

Ellen and Kevin,

Let's plan on meeting in the baggage claim area and sharing a ride. My cell phone number is 512-589-5669.


Usually I am trying to squeeze in the Gilded Age at the end of the school year and don't have as much time as I would like to devote to it. I use this powerpoint lesson as an introduction, later moving onto comparing and contrasting photographs of "How the Other Half Lives" with the Newport Mansions of industrialists and political cartoons from the era. (

I also use
as I teach immigration during this era as well.

Eugenics in North Carolina connects with Dr. Combs examples

Hello, I'm landing at 2:00pm in Denver. Would anyone like to share a ride?

I too am looking for someone to share a cab with if possible. My flight arrives in Harrisburg at 4. Next shuttle is at 6pm.

I am arriving at SNA Sunday 7/15 at 3:05 p.m. If anyone is arriving at or around the same time, I would be interested in traveling together.
My email address is

Looking forward to the seminar!
Victoria Gillette