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I agree with kbodington. Five days on just this? Perhaps it would be beneficial to use this technique with multiple newspaper articles on several events of the time period to allow for greater "content coverage". I'd love to hear from other teachers about this...

We do not have a Spanish version of this document, but we do have other Spanish language documents. Please email our Reference Librarian at if you are interested in receiving a list of these materials.

Is there a Spanish version of this document available? Thanks in advance!

I, too, would like to see the sources for these facts. I would particularly like to see the census data supporting Africans being in Virginia prior to 1619

The amount of contradiction within the ideals of our founding fathers is immensely disturbing.

Wow, you never would believe how after so much teamwork amongst women, blacks, and Native Americans, they still were discriminated against by whites.

this is a good source thanks man!

Dear Jill,
As a former GL state HTOTY, I salute you with great enthusiasm. This is a wonderful honor for you, your district and Delaware. May you continue the fine work that has earned you this distinction.
Barbara Markham
Padua Academy

I am thinking of having my students find quotes from sources that were lifted by Jefferson and written or paraphrased in the text of the Declaration. A comparison to the Declaration of Rights and Grievances from the First Continental Congress for example.

We need a "redeemer president of these United States" perhaps now more than any time since Whitman wrote these words.

These lessons are well written and well received by the students.

My experience too.

This is a very good lesson. Some of the sentences are long and challenging, but it is good to stretch the students.

Hi Richard,
If you email our Reference Librarian at, we can get you that information.

the given articles are very helpful, particularly given that in our country (India), we lack enough materials for many research works.Thanks for your reliable online sources

I would like to read this letter and others associated with it.

Great Job, Jill!! Congratulations!!

Calvin Coolidge was not elected president after "turmoil" of 1919. Warren G. Harding was.

Great plans for young learners.

every morning I have been teaching my 5th graders patriotic songs, I just love that when I actually teach them the lessons they will know the song and now the history. Thank you

I think this is a very interesting lesson. To get the students thinking I started out with a question about what they think happened on that particular day in 1787 and then introduced the lesson. I plan on keeping this for future use.

Looks like an excellent resource, however there is no way that I could dedicate 5 class days to covering one event during this era. My curriculum map would give me one day, at the most, for this topic. And this is clearly the issue as we try to move more literacy into our content areas...we still only have so many minutes a day to teach our content, so something has to give. I will do my best to incorporate literacy strategies, but not at the expense of my content.

The fist sentence of Sebastian Brandt’s letter regarding his brother and wife's passing helps us understand how sick he was. I believe it infers that he was close to dying, he writes that he was thankful to god that he had recovered but also adds of the passing of his brother and wife. This sentence gives us an understanding of how the cause of death in that time period had to do with the spread of disease and how little treatment there was.
- Jazmine

I really like using the Rice University speech in class. This adds a new dimension and depth to the Space Race unit. I think it will work really well.

Settler's back In James town didn't really have that much.they didn't have doctor's or medicine so people were getting sick.when the first settlers came to James town they didn't have that much food left so they were hungry and people started to when Sebastian Brandt talked about his brother and wife he didn't talk about them any more because there death was to hard on him he didn't want to talk about them. So since they didn't have medicine they had to die.

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This fact helps us understand that Virgina weren't adpated to thier surrondings yet. They probable didn't adpat to thier surroundinds they were used to the way they lived from wherever they came from, and they arrived during the winter time.They probable brought diseases with them and since the arrived the winter time the weren't used to the unbearable cold. So they probable brought disesases with them, and most of the settlers probable froze to death, resulting in a lot of death.

The settlers probable didn't adpat to their surroundings until about three or four months of living there. But the settlers eventually got used living in America because they sent orders to London, England and traded with them. The things the settlers would traded with London for is cheese, vinegar, spices, tools, sugar, etc. The settlers eventually learned the ways to live in America.


I think i will need I will bring is Soil, seeds and weapons. Because I know when you get to a new place It will be difficult. But with A garden you can use it to eat and sell. And with weapons you can use it for hunting, or when people come to attack.


Sebastian Brandt does not mention his brother and wife (wyfe) again except at the beginning of the letter. These conditions tell us that it was very common for people to die back then in the 1600s in Virginia. It could've been caused by plagues or injuries but back then they may have not had the medication to treat them properly. Therefore they died. And Brandt may have not mentioned them again because maybe it was too painful to think about it. This is what I infer from Sebastian Brandt not mentioning his brother and wife (wyfe) again except at the beginning of the letter.

The English settlers grow tobacco and they learned how to live off of there environment.That why they were eager to find gold and silver but instead they found there sickness and they also got diseases.A man named Brandit to Henry Hover arrived who was a dutch merchant to help.


Hope there are some planned for Summer 2014. Just found out about this site and these courses look very interesting.

This fact helps us understand that Virgina settlers weren't apdated to their suroundings yet. They probable didn't apdat their suroundings because they are used the way they lived from wherever they came from. They probable also brought diseases with them and also there was probable diseases unknow to them. So thier their immune systems weren't exposed to the diseases, resulting in a lot of death.

Also, the settlers probable didn't apdat to their suroundings until like three or four months living there. It also shows that the settlers went throuh hardships because they weren't used their environment. The settlers eventually get used by sending orders to London, England and ask for certain things. The certain things they ask for is vinegar, cheese, spices, tools, sugar, and other goods that Virgina didn't have. In conclusion I think the settlers had gone through a lot of hardships.

Good excerpts from Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Thank you for your comment. We would love to hear how your students react to the lessons and also any feedback you have for us regarding the unit.

Thanks to all those who has worked behind the stage to make this happen and I thank each and veryone of yours for affiliating the program with the University. This is the way to make things happen and I am joining the course. view site

Is anyone having trouble getting this link to work? Nothing happens when I click. Do I need to change a setting?

I love your primary sources.As this is my first year teaching U.S History, I find your resources to be extremelyhelpful. Please continue to update my resources as i am definitely planning to join

A suggestion for the editors: A few footnotes would be appreciated--say, for instance, concerning the misprinting that resulted in the "thirty-three days" that appear in the letter. Thanks!

My comments on this article is that the rise of this america revoultion was very intresting. When the british and indians were involved I was like amamazed by it like again their in it again.That the american peace commissioners John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay won but in indiviual stuff. The shocking part was that over 20,000 American soldiers died during the conflict. And when the British finally accepted defeat, 60,000 men and women left the United States.

What a great essay... Loved the Gatsby quote at the end.

Prior to reading this article's introduction, I had a different view of the American civil war. I had thought it was a dark mark on American history and that it made us look bad to our international allies. I thought it made us look weak and divided. On the contrary, this article does a great job of showing England's response, and it was one that came as a surprise to me. They felt that this was a sign of American power and progression, and not one of weakness and division. They knew that the cause was right and that we had freed the slaves of the entire southern half of the USA. I was surprised that Grant was treated as a hero, for I thought England thought little of America's war. I was surprised to hear how greatly they celebrated him and his cause. I am definitely curious about how the south will continue to move on without slavery, and what happens to former slave owners.

I plan to use this activity in the fall of 2013-U.S. History class-. I think this is a great activity and look forward to sharing my comments.

Good extension from one of our seventh-grade novels: The Witch of Blackbird Pond- which contains an oblique reference to troubles between settlements and American Indians.

This activity will especially appeal to the seventh grade because of the high drama, the unlikely odds of escape. Kids sometimes object to unlikeliness of fictional outcomes, but here is life with a great example of one.

Good group activity.


Kids say its like reading a text message. Ha

constitution unit

A fascinating a very useful resource.

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What is would be the guiding instructions on explaining to students the differences between a secular and legal scholar?