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I also arrive in San Jose at 10:45 and would love to share a ride!

Hi Sharon and Jennifer,
I would love to share the car rental. My flight arrives at Dulles on Sun., July 29 11:39AM. It would be great if could meet at Dulles. My flight back to CA leaves Sat.,Aug. 4 at 1:30 P.M. My cell number is 760 912-4964.


I try to get students to classify information as specific or general and see certain key sentences in an essay as necessarily specific or general. This is my anti-textbook rant that can be reorganized as a bare bones four paragraph essay. I cut the sentences apart and students reassemble into an essay. Yes, we argue.

I will be arriving at 9:30, I can wait for you, are you landing at 11?

Is anyone leaving Friday night 7/27? If so, from what airport?

I arrive at San Jose at 11:30 am. I'd love to tag team for lunch and transportation to campus if you don't mind waiting.

Sounds great! Thanks!


I am willing to chip in for the total car rental and gas costs, Sharon. If Monica joins us, these costs will be divided by 3 people, and shouldn't be too bad.

I am Kevin Brewer. I would love to join you and anyone else to see Memphis. My email is

Sure, I would wait. It would probably take that long to retrieve luggage anyway.

I have two questions -
1. I sent in a request for a parking permit request on May 24. I did get an out of office return email, but have heard nothing since. Will I be getting a permit?

2. Is the dinner on Sunday evening mandatory? I am commuting to and from the seminar.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

Nancy Kurtz forecast for next week for Charlottesville indicates generally sunny conditions and temperatures most days in the mid-80's.

Suggestion -- bring sunscreen, head covering and comfortable shoes / sneakers.

I was told the same thing: casual only & good walking shoes.

Here is the car rental cost info.
Car rental
Car daily rate - Hotwire Hot Rate: $10.95
Rental days: 7
Taxes and fees: $46.87
Subtotal: $123.52
Additional features
Rental Car Protection: $72.00
Subtotal: $72.00
Rental Car Protection is listed as a charge by Allianz Global Assistance. You will receive a separate confirmation email with insurance details, including policy number(s), in 4 to 6 hours.
Trip total: $195.52
Billed to: sh

Dear Participants,

Attached documents address the guidelines for the Biography Project, and provide sample graphic organizers should you choose to use them (Time For Kids, has a decent GO, but was too big to upload).

Julie Baergen

Here's a three chapter article on the events in 1962 at Ole Miss which juxtaposes the pride of Ole Miss football and the violence over integration:

Dear Participants,
Here are some resources for your Biography Project. This is not an exhaustive list. If you find more and/or better sources, please share with the group.

Julie Baergen

The Origins of the Cold War:
The Situation: World War II is over and the Cold War of maneuvering between the US and the USSR for world domination is just beginning.
Based upon primary source documents students will answer the essential question:
The Question: How will the Cold War be “fought” differently from previous “hot” wars?

Jim and Shannon,
I made the new reservation for the three of us. It'll be $20 per person, plus tip. Our confirmation number is 5884374
See y'all Sunday.

In regards to a question and observation from Premble and Chris, here is a webpage on Merton's Structural Strain Theory that Dr. Combs mentioned:

I am looking to see if anyone would like to share a taxi from BWI to Gettysburg college on July 8th. I arrive around 3 pm which is too late for the 3 pm shuttle and the next shuttle is at 6 pm.

Andrea and Pam,

I called 4 taxi/car service companies to get some quotes from CHO to Montpelier. The cheapest I have been quoted is $52 plus tip. Pre-arranged return trips are also possible with all the companies that I've contacted thus far. Email me at and we can hash things out further.

Hi Ellen,

I would not mind waiting and sharing a ride. I can wait near the baggage claim area. My email is



Thank you so much! I will have one piece of luggage and a backpack. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday.


Sure thing. How many checked bags do you have? I need to know in order to change the reservation.

Thanks for taking care of this; see you on Sunday.

I arrive in San Jose at 10:45 a.m. and would be interested in tag teaming with anyone regarding transportation to the campus, meeting for lunch, etc. Just let me know. Thanks.


I am on the same flight as you. I know I am a little late, but do you think I could also join you two on the shuttle? If not, no worries, just thought I would check.


Shannon Jones

It sounds like Andrea, you and I may be able to split the cost of the ride to Montpelier. I was going to make some calls to the various car services at CHO, so I'll let you and Andrea know what sort of cost we are looking at.

I'm arriving at LAX Sunday 7-15 at 9:30 a.m.
I'd love to share a ride or travel to Irvine with someone else who may be arriving at the same time.
You can email me at
Jean Gentile

Maybe you, Angela and I could ride together if you are willing to wait. I get in at 2:05.

I arrive at LaGuardia at 2:05 if you want to wait. I considered the m60 city bus that goes straight to the campus for $2.50 (change only). If we can get a couple more, it would be worth getting a taxi.

Elizabeth and Jeff: Super Shuttle booked and paid for. Total $59, so $19.60 each, plus tip. My cell number is 828-421-4281. In case something happens, the confirmation number is 5872055. The super shuttle counter is level 5 baggage claim, SW side of terminal near women's restroom. See you Sunday!

Hi Monica,
Seems there are 3 of us Caliifornians flying to/from DC. See my reply to Sharon below, including my cell phone number. My hotel is 3 miles from Dulles. I could meet you upon your arrival on Sunday morning, and then the 2 of us could meet up with Sharon to drive to Montpelier together. What time does your return flight leave from Dulles? See Sharon's and my flight times below.

Hi Sharon,
I have not rented a car yet, so I am very interested in sharing a ride and the cost of your rental with you to/from DC. I assume that you are overnighting in DC that Sat.? I'm staying at a hotel near Dulles Airport on Sat. night.
My flight back to CA leaves at 3:55 p.m. on the 4th, so that could work nicely if we drive back to DC together. Monica is also traveling to/from CA. Perhaps the 3 of us can carpool together?
I can meet you at the museum in DC via taxi or DC metro on Sunday morning. I highly recommend Newseum, it's fabulous.
Feel free to call me 510-435-9644 to discuss this further.

Hi everyone!

Please plan on bringing, or buying here in NY, some sunscreen!

Also, please drink plenty of water throughout the week! The heat index can climb high and fast in July!

I'm no expert, but looking at the subway map I think you would take the A line all the way to 59th St/Columbus Circle and there transfer to the 1 line. Then get off at 116th street and that should put you directly in front of campus (I'm taking the subway from Midtown and was told 116th St is "at the gates of Columbia"

Hello--my name is Sam Nekrosius. I will be flying into CHO at 4:45 from Chicago and am hoping that I will be able to carpool with someone. Andrea, I'm guessing you won't want to wait around that long, but perhaps I could ask you for a ride back to the airport on Saturday? For newer posters, is there anyone arriving at CHO a little later on Sunday that would like to share a ride? Thanks--Sam

Hello. My name is Pam. I arrive at noon into CHO on Sunday and depart from CHO on Sat. Aug 4 at 12:30pm. I'd like to carpool/share taxi with someone. Greg? Sounds like your schedule is similar. Thanks.

I think we can coordinate our trips to and from the airport. Let's wait and see who else may be flying to CHO at roughly our times and we'll try to coordinate for as many people as is reasonable. I'll be in touch as the departure date approaches.

The Southern Manifesto was written by Senator Strom Thurmond (SC) and signed by a majority of Senators and Representatives from the deep south. In the Manifesto, Southern political leaders argued against what they perceived to be Federal intrusion into the area of States' Rights.

Questions for Students:
Compare and contrast the closing arguments of Thurgood Marshall in Brown Vs. Board of Education with the arguments outlined in the Southern Manifesto.


1. Why do you think the documents are in cursive and not in print?
2. Discuss the maps of the thirteen colonies to the map of our country today?

I e-mailed the institute about this and they said clothing should be "casual for lots of walking." I also asked about formal events and they didn't mention anything. I hope that helps!

Hi Rob,

I purchased my ticket today for the same time on Sunday. I'll be coming in from Brooklyn, so I can meet you near the exhibit entrance between 1:30-1:50pm? I've uploaded my picture so you know what I look like. My cell number is 808-298-9190. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing the exhibit!


* If anyone else wants to go, you can get a $5 discount by entering this promo code: BBOXTCW If that doesn't work, you can try this one: 96752

(Sorry Rob, I just found this out myself or I would have told you earlier)

The food is extraordinary! The views of the Flatirons are everywhere and stunning!

Close your windows and shades every day before breakfast to keep the evening coolness in and the afternoon heat out.

The towels are thin; if you want, bring a fluffy one from home.