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Greg, I will be arriving in Charlottesville from Oklahoma at 1:00 on Sunday if you don't mind waiting a bit. I depart at 10:30 on Saturday, so I may need to get back earlier than you do. My email is if you want to contact me.

I will also be bringing a lesson from the Stanford History Education Group "Reading Like A Historian" curriculum that I used this year. The following lesson has students analyze and use primary sources to discuss the following question: "Was Lincoln a racist?"

I have used this website extensively in my 8th grade U.S. History class and have found a lot of success with it. Here is the link:

I will be bringing a lesson from the 'Reading like a Historian' site [Stanford University History Education Group]that asks students, after examining some primary source documents, to answer the question - Were African Americans free during Reconstruction?

My flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:36 p.m. into Logan. Is anyone else arriving around that time?

I am arriving at Dulles Airport on Sun., July 29 11:30AM. I would like to share the car rental with you. Just keep me posted and let me know what you need me to do.


NY Times article about the South Baptist Convention electing first African American president. This could add to our discussion tomorrow about the religious South.

I will arrive at La Guardia at 1:28 PM and will gladly join in any transportation arrangements.

Can anyone comment as to what clothing they plan to take to New York? I was at the NEH's Lincoln seminar last year, and we were specifically informed, in advance, that there would be "no formal events." That said, it seems likely that this one may have periods more formal in tone. Given the need to fly, and pack carefully, it might useful to know more. There is an introductory dinner on Sunday night; does anyone know what dress is expected for this?

I just checked and I can't cancel my car it's non-refundable. Is yours? If it is maybe I could pick up my car and swing by to pick you up sunday and you can share a ride with me. what time does your flight leave on august 4? mine leaves at 4;20 p.m.
I was actually thinking of seeing a museum in D.C. in the morning before driving to the seminar location since its only 2 hours to drive there. So leaving D.c. after lunch.

I just reviewed the travel reimbursement policy and it looks like rental car expenses are not covered. This is a big problem for me since I flew into D.C. instead of Charlottesville bc it was cheaper so could afford the rental car. Too late to change now but is my reading of the travel reimbursement policy correct?

Dear Jennifer,
I am also flying into D.C. but into National Airport at 6:15 p.m saturday, leaving august 4 at 4:20. I have rented a car too. I think it might be too hard to connnect between the 2 airports but I don't know.

Hi Monica,
Will you be flying into Dulles or Reagan Airports in DC? It would be good if we could share the cost of a rental car to/from the seminar. I found a good deal on a car rental from Dulles.

The quote that you describe as being from a letter from Washington to Knox (“that the existence of the State governments is an insuperable evil in a national point of view...", footnote 7)is actually from a letter FROM Knox TO Washington. You mistakenly attributed Knox's sentiment to Washington.

Hello everyone! My name is Nuel, and I am very interested to have a carpool/share a taxi ride. I will arrive at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO),VA on 07/29 at about 9:43 am, from a long trip coming from California. Then,will depart the seminar site anytime from 12nn-3pm of 08/04, and must be at Charlottesville-Albermarle Airport by 5:00 pm,because the flight going back to CA is at 8:25pm. Anybody who has an almost the same itinerary, I would gladly share and coordinate with you.

Hello everyone. My name is Greg and I will be traveling to Charlottesville airport from southwest Florida. I will arrive in Charlottesville on Sunday the 29th at about noon and depart on Saturday the 4th at about 12:30 pm. If anyone is interested in meeting up to share a ride from Charlottesville to Montpelier and then back, please let me know.

Interesting article from Canadian perspective...

Sounds great. I'll meet you both there. Safe travels.



Booked my tix for 2pm Sunday 6/24
The subway runs from near the dorm to Times Square
If we leave by 1:15, we will be good.


I am arriving from CA and interested in carpooling.

Monica Cooper

Yes, go a head and book it. Where would this shuttle pick us up - any idea? I've never flown into Denver International.

I will be arriving at 12:04 on Sunday, Delta Airlines. If anyone has a similar arrival time and would like to share a cab, please let me know.

Jackie Wall
405-413-5937 (cell)

Greetings! I will be traveling to The Founding Era seminar from California on Sat. 7/28 and staying overnight near Dulles Airport. Would anyone like to carpool with me from the DC area on Sunday morning 7/29, returning to DC on Saturday 8/4? I can pick up and return the rental car from Dulles Airport. If interested, please post here and we can connect via cell phone from there.

Elizabeth and Jeff, do you want me to book the super shuttle and then we can figure out the price per person? $33 first person and $12 each additional.

Sorry, but I will be flying out of DCA late on Saturday. Does that fit with anyone's plans so we could perhaps share a ride?
Cathi Hunt

I arrive on Frontier Airlines from Minneapolis (MSP) at 3:05 pm. The shuttle is $33 for the first person and $12 for each additional person, one way, so about $23 per person one way split between us.

Yes, I can wait - I still have both books to read! Elizabeth

Thanks, Jon. Sounds good. I anticipate one bag and a computer carry case. Nothing big. I arrive Denver at 1:55pm on AA1223 from Dallas/Ft Worth. What is your flight? I will find the gate and wait for you there. What is the cost for the shuttle?


No, I checked with Super Shuttle and all I need to know is how many checked bags you have? Then we can both be on my reservation.

Rats! I'm flying into Boston Logan or I'd take you up on the ride. Thanks anyway!

Hi, I have a rental car and will be arriving into LEB at 1:30 ish on Sunday. If anyone would like a ride, I have seats - probably 3 (though I did get a little car so luggage may take up enough space for one full grown human - give or take. Let me know, you can email me.
Cheryl Phillips

So, I was toying with the idea of creating a new lesson for our "homework," but I decided to go with one I already use and have found to be successful. In my research, however, I found this website with some interesting resources and thought I would share in case any of you had not seen it.

Attached is a handout I have been using to teach students how to analyze documents for the AP European History test. I go through the steps of the handout for a lesson on analyzing documents on the AP essays. I am hoping to revise this for next year, as well as to adapt it for use in my other classes.


Ken Hung

Hi Jennifer,

Here is my email address:


Once engaged a classroom of high school boys in the deep study of Lewis and Clark. Taught four different reading levels with five different texts ( elementary school to advanced high school) Thank god the expedition was "time-stamped" in a journaled format. It allowed us to trek through the unit together, with each boy reading at a different level, and a different number of pages, but all of them were at the same point of the journey each day. It was the best unit we have ever had together. Many of my boys are graduating in two weeks - we did this three years ago and they still remember elements of the story. Many tears will be shed, happy ones, over this memorable quarter in the winter of 2009.

I still have the text sets, and can't wait to learn more here this summer!

If it is not too much to hope for, is there an aquatic facility open to academic guests? WIlling to pay a reasonable fee for a decent pool. And love to know the hours.
Thanks again,
Doug Immel

Hi, All -

I will be arriving at San Jose Airport on Sun. 6-24, about 11:40 AM (Southwest flight 1789 from LA). As I will be traveling out of the country 6-16 through 6-23, I had to make my Super Shuttle reservation ahead of time (and pay full freight), but if you happen to be coming into San Jose about that time, you might be able to piggy-back on my reservation and pay less because we're going to the same address. Looking forward to what promises to be a great week!

Jeff, we are arriving at the same time, so we can share a shuttle. Elizabeth, would you want to share as well if no one else comes in at your time?

The whole social studies plc and myself thinks this is a great idea! Will speak with you soon about this!

Intriguing site for 5th Grade Teachers U1.1.2


If you would like we can exchange emails to help with making arrangements. Below is an address with various links to basic show information.

Arriving at 11:00 am on Sunday and would gladly share a shuttle. Jeff

I just sent out an email and noticed you guys had already talked. Could you check my email and then get back to me.

Belinda, if you could pick up my guys and then I wouldn't have to drive back to Memphis in the early morning of the seminar, that would really help me out!

Love, Lo

Sure. I would love to share the shuttle. Do I need to register with the shuttle service?

I will arrive at La Guardia at 1:20pm if anyone wants to share a cab around that time.


Hi Jennifer,

I would love to go see Memphis also if the schedule works out.


According to the email I received in regards to this, if the schedule states that we are free than we may plan accordingly. With that being said, I am considering purchasing tickets to see Memphis on Wednesday at 8 pm, if anyone else is interested.

Flora- I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm going to carpool with Belinda because our time match up. Thanks anyway!

I will be arriving at La Guardia at 3:55pm and would be happy to share a cab if anyone is interested.

I already booked a Super Shuttle. I arrive at 3:05. Do you want to share it?

That would be wonderful. It looks like Kelly and I should arrive at the same time 1:04.
It seems as if there are others who will have room on the way back. Please count me in.
Will you have enough room for all of us and luggage? How should we go about confirming all of this? My email address is Audrey