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i like this a lot.
maybe have a number of the more complex words already underlined and have students in groups look up the meanings and replace with their own words an phrases. these words may or may not be part of the "key words" chosen. this may make the understanding of document even easier to grasp.

It's great that you found the lesson useful. Thank you for the recommendation. You may be happy to know that we are currently adding the Common Core Standards to all of the lessons in our Teaching Literacy through History program including this one.

This text would be very complex for middle school, but worthwhile I believe.

should include the NYS and Common Core Standards; rest of lesson is excellent and extremely useful.

I would like to take this course and please tell me what should I do

i just found your site looking for info.on kaiser dad worked there for 30 yrs.but never met henry kaiser.thanks for your hard work.

The sources are listed but none of them have a link to the suggested readings for the curriculum.

Too many stories have been written about the "First President", today I had the opportunity to read apart of history that is not often read The Inauguration". I think I will start my American History Class with this speech so that they could make a comparison of the time and the audience that the United States are faced with. A good opportunity to use the comparison contrast map to show the differences, The vocabulary is great!

I will use these questions to start student discussions in my class.

I agree - it's overkill.

I agree Jalair. Once school lets out, with permission from the author, I'm going to try to tailor it for 8th graders.

Hi Kevin,

The Freedom Riders is a large exhibition.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at


Hi Rachel,

The Freedom Riders is a large exhibition, which is loaned to sites for four week periods. Each site is responsible for a flat shipping fee of $1000.

Please note that any NEH funds received as part of the Created Equal project cannot be used as payment for a traveling exhibition.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

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54 attendees listened to Jim Perkins; accompanied by his wife on dulcimer and daughter on violin, perform a 45 minuter set of Irish Civil War songs. This was followed by a brief military demonstration from members of the Michigan Iron Brigade. Tim Moran, doctoral candidate at Wayne State University, then delivered an excellent discussion on "why does the Civil War still matter".

This site is awesome. I plan on using this to teach my ninth grade honors class.

I wish that this would be tailored to 8th graders

Great lesson! I am currently teaching 2nd grade and I am planning on to using parts of this lesson when I teach about the importance of recycling. I really like the theme,"We are all in this together."

I enjoyed reading about Washington's first inauguration. I consider it to be an important moment in the creation of our government. I've written about this moment in a book about Washington and was glad to see this essay.
Carla Killough McClafferty

Good guided activity to see reasons for exploration

Dear Carol Berkin:
Thank you for presenting this retrospective of Great Inaugural Addresses.
The Gilder Lehrman Institute provides many valuable services, programs, events, etc. so please do not think that I am in any way denigrating the organization.
However, I was dismayed that you did not include one of Ronald Reagan's inaugural addresses. His words became his actions.... He was the real thing.

Please reconsider...... Thank you.

Awesome! Can't wait to try it!

Whenever I begin preparing for a new unit, I visit this list. These questions present the controversial ideas that make class interesting.

Vocabulary is a bit advanced for 10th graders, but will serve as a good introduction to Colonial America.


Is this exhibit a large or small one? Thanks!


I have additional information that I would like to submit relative to the identification of a humanities scholar who will work with our group. May I email or fax it to you?

I have a letter to add to my submitted grant application. Can Fax this letter in to your office to go along with the form submitted?
Thanks for your time.

Is this a large or small exhibition? How long do you intend to make it available for travel? Kauffman Museum might be interested in displaying it in conjunction with the "Created Equal" series--if we are selected.

Thank you! Huck Finn is a unique, representative piece of American literature. My students loved it.

research paper

When was this actually printed? It appears to be a commemorative edition, rather than an official government document. Do you have further details about the genesis of this item?

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I am greatly impressed by the quality of Lincoln's cognition,his facility at taking in new beliefs and discarding life long biases. He had a particular ability to grow and change in the light of reality ,his meethngs with black abolitionists intellectuals;The contributionsfor example, of Black soldiers during the war revealed abilities and discipline of a high order on the part of black soldiers.The man who came from Springfield was greatly changed by the war and he let his provincial narrow beliefs atrophy.One can not but admire and hold in awe our sixteenth President.

Lovely period: got to appreciate the silliness of it.

i am doing a lesson plan for my class and need a really good lesson plan to teach my peers and i need at least 2 primary soruce documents


I recommend booking an exhibition about six months before you would like to host it. Applications are handled on a first come, first served basis, and we will book much closer than that if we have the availability.

This exhibition carries a shipping fee of $200, which covers shipment to and from your school as well as the supplementary materials.

However, schools in our Affiliates network are entitled to their first exhibition at no cost. After that first one, the normal fees apply.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hello, sorry for the delayed response! The cost to host the ehxibition for 4 weeks is a flat shipping fee of $200 for this exhibition. That covers shipment to and from your school, as well as the supplementary materials.

Please note that the exhibition must stay in one location - our insurance does not cover sites moving the exhibition themselves. Many times schools will invite neighboring schools to visit, or host the exhibition at a central district office or public library associated with the schools.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Read and enjoy King George's Proclamation

Was this poster version actually used by the Memphis Sanitation strikers, or just the other one? Who used this poster if not the Memphis strikers?

Desperation of those caught in The Great Depression is evident in this photograph. Those unable to retain their properties were foreclosed upon and sought shelter with others in encampments using whatever materials were available to be had. Tires in the photograph are reminders of the many vehicles that were converted to Hoovercarts that ran on oats rather than gasoline

how much ahead of time do you have to order it?
I imagine its free

I respect the Center's work, but I think that this lesson is not very good, and reflects the much-complained-of bias of the Common Core Standards for "deep reading". Deep reading is a particular style of literary analysis, in which the reader is to rely on only a text to understand the meaning of the text. I think that there is a strong argument to be made for the view that this is not the way we want our citizens to read, and that it is not a very useful method of reading outside of a college lit class.

This lesson plan exhibits the problems of applying the deep reading method to a text where such analysis is inappropriate. For one thing, the Gettysburg Address is so well written that there is not an unnecessary word in it. To ask students to summarize a piece of writing like this is like asking them to summarize a computer program. So it is not surprising that both of the summary statements in the first lesson do not accurately state what the first part of the Address says.

In addition, deep reading does not allow the reader to consider the intent of a writer or the audience for whom s/he is writing. This is reasonable when analyzing a sonnet, but when the text is a piece of political rhetoric designed to be heard & read in a particular time, place, and circumstances, forcing students to do deep reading deprives them of a full understanding of the meaning and importance of the text. Indeed, your lesson-writer's suggested prompts presume that the students have a considerable amount of information that does not appear in the text. A student who, for some reason, knew nothing about American history, would have no way of writing to these prompts after going through the lessons.

Finally, with regard to some kinds of text, deep reading does very little to give students a way of judging the quality of the work or others. A student can deeply read a series of sonnets and come away with knowledge of poetic structure and language that will help the student evaluate other sonnets. But many other genres of writing cannot be analyzed and evaluated by a reader if that reader knows nothing about the context in which the text was written, the writer's purpose, the writer's expertise, the writer's biases, and the intended audience. Among these genres are political speeches, political, economic, and scientific commentary, history, government reports, and legal documents such as mortgages & credit card contracts. Yet we want citizens to be particularly good at reading and evaluating these kinds of writing.

There are good things in the Common Core Standards; but the idea that students should be taught only one way to analyze written texts (particularly when that one way is deep reading) is not one of those good things.

Thank you for the compliment and the suggestion. We will certainly discuss your recommendation and consider making the change.


This is an impressive lesson plan, especially in that it encourages students to unpack the language and the message of Martin Luther King's speech of August 28, 1963. However, I would have liked for the speech itself to have been labeled throughout the lesson as "The March On Washington Speech," which offers neutrality and lessens the steering that is implicit in the label, "I Have A Dream Speech." That aside, this is a stellar lesson plan that may be applied to a variety of disciplines.

Fantastic read detailing the importance of history in public perception and how the western has influenced the world we live in today.