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Hi Sarah- The PDFs should be working now! Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

The commitment is just to have the use and availability of GLI resources.The affiliate school is like a toolbox.You never know when you need a Phillips head screwdriver but it is in the tool box when you need it.There is NO COST to the affiliate program.The assessment is an NEH requirement to measure the effectiveness of the affiliate program for the individual school.It does not evaluate a school,teacher,or students in a school.The GLI staff will send you the evaluation by email and it takes about 30 minutes to complete. We look forward to having your students participate in the essay contest, Ron

Please outline the school's commitment to become an affiliate school.
What is the annual cost?
What does the annual survey entail?

What does "administered by an outside assessment firm" mean for the survey?

My students are interested in entering the Civil War essay contest...

The pdf links are broken and I really need the comparison sheet to do this lesson. Please fix.

Excellent article--one that I will share with my students.

This is absolutly fantastic. I never heard about these ladies!I will definately research more information.

Love it! Very helpful!

Didn't Seward - and his son, Frederick, assistant secretary of state - resign on December 16? Lincoln kept the resignations secret for two days and in fact had the resignations in his pocket when he met with the committee representing the Senate caucus at 7:00 PM on the 18th.

How do I fill out an application to become an affiliate school?

Looks like a wonderful program

thankful for the opportunity to view all the files on your site

thank you helped alot!

Thank you for this opportunity.

Thank you.Very helpful for my national history day project.=)

Use this to prove kennedy wanted to stop communism

There is no cost to the affilaite program,Ron

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Last summer I attended the wonderful "Age of Jefferson "seminar. Upon visting my home to NYC I visited the New York Historical Society. I came across the above, a small pair of slave shackles. I have never seen manacles for children before. Little models of black hands were clamped by the irons. Besides being creepy, I was emotionally stuck and stared at the image for sometime. Last year in the area where I live in Paris, France, I stumbled into an antique shop and saw a pair of 18thc French slave ankle shackles hanging on the wall with an cooper ladle suspended from one of the chain links. How strange is that? The owner informed me they belonged to someone in his family. In order to reconcile my find I placed the shackles on the floor in front of my fireplace, where photos of ancestor grace the wall. I needed to "feel" if the chains were in fact used to contain enslaved African's.....
I have a question about the issue of a"letter of providence". Besides the word of the propriétaire how could one know if my chains are not jail house.

Is there any cost to the school to become an affiliate?

I find these essentials questions so valuable to the process of common core. The questions require students to use their critical thinking skills to formulate answers to these question-no yes/no answers will be a quick fix.

Will this online course be offered again? I would love to participate.

This was an awesome course. Professor Pinsker is a spell-binding lecturer. I have participated in a number of online courses and this was superior. If you would like to find out more about it, take a look at the course blog - link below - where you can see the syllabus, view handouts and videos from the course, see our posts and lesson plans, and the resource list for teachers. Highly recommended if it is ever offered again.

Excellent summary of first administration

It is a very wise choice to have Dr. Guelzo's Seminar on President Lincoln from July 14-20. Trying to have it during the 150th anniversary dates would be a battle in and of itself.


hi ap us history classmates

Very informative. :)

Great election Document to use at this time

Ready to do some research!

The powerpoint is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found.

Great resources for John Brown

I am not an American History fanatic, but your site gives any student any information that they will require for their history classes. Thank you so much for the detailed insight that your institution has provided for me.

I became part of a digital learning program where I and my classes tried several platforms for collaborative projects. We were the test pilots! Exciting, but scary, fixing the plane while it is in flight...

Students researched collaboratively and then created a new declaration of independence to mirror our anticipated new school. Students wish to change some policies and rules that seem outdated. They researched and studied our Declaration of Independence and the past documents and ideas that fed into it, then wrote their documents modeled after the parts of the original document.

We used a plethora of sites, but assignments, submissions, collaborative writing, etc. were all done in a digital environment, mostly out of class.

As administrator of the site, the work is secured by the teachers involved; nice for parents.

It was intense to manage at the middle school level, exhausting to figure out, a half step ahead of kids, but would do another unit like this in a heartbeat!

The platforms we used are below. (a warehouse of vetted resources for any subject; incredible depth, user friendly, interactive games, etc.) (the digital website where all assignments posted, submissions, friends, blogs, collaborative group writing, etc. happened) (create playlists, links, group outlines, surveys, chatrooms, etc)

Hope you can use some of this for inspiration!

Julia Agnew Bell
Los Alamos Middle School

your post was so nice to read and it gives lot of information.
Thanks to post

I was "looking" for the Affiliate School application?
Please direct me, thank you.

Nora Ashe csj
St. Joseph High School

very informative!

Great overview of explorers

It was actually the apostle Paul and not Jesus who "admonished servants to obey their masters ' singleness of heart, fearing God.'". Your reference is the King James Version of Colossians 3:22. The same apostle Paul who also taught "there is no difference ...between slaves and free men are all one in union with Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28, GNB)

I would like our school to be an Affiliate School.

There are a number of women to research on women and the Civil War.You can start with someone such as Belle Starr,Mary Chestnutt,Frances Clayton,Loreta Velazquez,Clara Barton,Mary Tippee, and Sarah Hughes.You might also look at Drew Gilpin Faust,"Mothers of Invention " for a look at slaveholders wives during the Civil War

i need to know the name of a specific woman that participated in the civil war.
i would like to know what was life like to the women's that were part of the war.

This is a high school lesson plan using primary documents to analyze the Dred Scott case.

Can do exercise in 1-2 periods and assign for h.w.

Hey, Erica, my friend, Whatz up??Of course, this is cool Nuel, hehehe! This is our 3rd week teaching in school..OMG...We have tons of changes in our system..Anyways, I've been teaching for more than 10 years, hahahah! Erica, whats the site again for that seminar I asked you..about the abolitionist..really very interested about can send the reply to my care and keep in touch!

Thanks Dan.....You're awesome...I can use these websites in my current lessons..How are you? We are in our 3rd week now of teaching now..What about you?

Open file and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing these great resources! The Underground Railroad and Gettysburg Address came up in our classroom discussion today while talking about Abraham Lincoln and slavery.