These videos and podcasts by eminent scholars, master teachers, and other speakers open a variety of ways to explore American history. The presentations range from two- or three-minute interview clips to hour-long lectures. Whether you watch them in class, assign them to your students for homework, or download them to your iPod for a long road trip, each one can give you new insight into the past.

Lincoln and Jacksonian Democracy

Speaker(s): Sean Wilentz Duration: 18 minutes 29 seconds

Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life

Speaker(s): Richard Carwardine Duration: 34 minutes 34 seconds

Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Journey

Speaker(s): Harold Holzer Duration: 17 minutes 30 seconds

Honor’s Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln

Speaker(s): Douglas L. Wilson Duration: 41 minutes 54 seconds

Learning from Lincoln

Speaker(s): Lewis E. Lehrman Duration: 29 minutes 1 second

Lincoln at Cooper Union

Speaker(s): Harold Holzer Duration: 29 minutes 20 seconds

Lincoln’s Family and Childhood

Speaker(s): Catherine Clinton Duration: 22 minutes 8 seconds

Lincoln’s Views on Slavery

Speaker(s): Allen C. Guelzo Duration: 1 minute 46 seconds

Many Lincolns: His Changing Image

Speaker(s): Andrew Delbanco Duration: 20 minutes 4 seconds

Multimedia from Other Sub-Eras

A Teacher’s Tour of Ford’s Theatre

Speaker(s): Matthew Pinsker Duration: 10 minutes 59 seconds

A Teacher’s Tour of the Battle of Gettysburg

Speaker(s): Matthew Pinsker Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes 54 seconds

Abraham Lincoln and the English Imagination

Speaker(s): Adam I. P. Smith Duration: 23 minutes 58 seconds

Lincoln’s Sacred Effort: The Role of Providence in Political Leadership

Speaker(s): Lucas Morel Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes 20 seconds

What Would Lincoln Do? How Lincoln’s Legacy is Used and Abused in Today’s Washington

Speaker(s): Matthew Pinsker, Richard Norton Smith, Craig Symonds, Michael Lind, James Swanson, Sarah Jencks Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes 24 seconds