The Gilded Age

These videos and podcasts by eminent scholars, master teachers, and other speakers open a variety of ways to explore American history. The presentations range from two- or three-minute interview clips to hour-long lectures. Whether you watch them in class, assign them to your students for homework, or download them to your iPod for a long road trip, each one can give you new insight into the past.

Creation of the Modern City

Speaker(s): Kenneth T. Jackson Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes 45 seconds

Morgan: American Financier

Speaker(s): Jean Strouse Duration: 33 minutes 43 seconds

New Spirits: Americans in the Gilded Age

Speaker(s): James G. Basker, Rebecca Edwards Duration: 18 minutes 36 seconds

Multimedia from Other Sub-Eras

Great Biographies: African American Athletes

Speaker(s): Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Duration: 17 minutes 32 seconds

In Pursuit of Equity: Women, Men, and the Quest for Economic Citizenship in 20th-Century America

Speaker(s): Alice Kessler-Harris Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes 41 seconds

Lochner v. New York

Speaker(s): Larry Kramer Duration: 57 minutes 56 seconds

Monuments and Memorials: The South in American History

Speaker(s): Edward L. Ayers Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes 21 seconds

The Emergence of the Frontier, the Expansion of Railroads, and Mining

Speaker(s): William G. Thomas Duration: 52 minutes 32 seconds

The Lion’s Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War

Speaker(s): Edward J. Renehan, Jr. Duration: 36 minutes 31 seconds