The application for 2014 programs is now closed. Please visit our website in November 2014 for the 2015 Teacher Seminar program.

June 16– June 20

The Newberry Library, Chicago, IL
co-sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges

For college faculty only

June 22 – June 28

David Blight

Yale University

Gary W. Gallagher

University of Virginia

David M. Kennedy

Stanford University

Jeremi Suri

University of Texas, Austin

June 29 – July 5

Frank Cogliano & Peter S. Onuf

University of Edinburgh

Patrick K. Spero

University of Pennsylvania

July 6 – July 12

Carol Berkin

New York University

Richard Carwardine

Oxford University

Jonathan Scott Holloway

Yale University

Mitchell B. Lerner & David Steigerwald

The Ohio State University

Edward T. Linenthal

New York University

Peter Mancall & Robert C. Ritchie

University of Southern California

Andrew W. Robertson

Columbia University

Gordon S. Wood

George Washington's Mount Vernon

July 13 – July 19

Shawn Leigh Alexander

University of Kansas

Allen C. Guelzo

Gettysburg College

Sidney M. Milkis & Marc J. Selverstone

University of Virginia

Michael Neiberg

Chicago, Il

Akhil Reed Amar

National Constitution Center

Jay Sexton

Hertford College

Elliott West

University of Montana

July 20 – July 26

Joseph J. Ellis

Amherst College

Eric Foner & Martha S. Jones

Columbia University

Steven F. Hayward

California Lutheran University

Kenneth T. Jackson & Karen Markoe

Columbia University

Larry D. Kramer

Stanford University

Patricia Nelson Limerick

University of Colorado, Boulder

Richard Sylla

New York University

July 27 – August 2

John Fea

Princeton University

Donna Gabaccia

University of Minnesota

Harold Holzer & Matthew Pinsker

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Donald L. Miller

National World War II Museum

Thomas J. Sugrue

University of Pennsylvania

Richard White

Stanford University

August 3 – August 8

Colin G. Calloway

Dartmouth College

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