History Scholar Award FAQs

Is this award different from the History Scholars Program?

Yes, the one-week and five-week programs have been discontinued. The History Scholar Award seeks to honor outstanding graduating seniors for their achievements in American history.

Can I send a paper that is longer than ten pages?

Readers will read no more than ten pages. Please select five to ten pages you wish the selection committee to read.

Can I send an excerpt from a longer paper?

Yes, but please provide the title of the full paper.

Can I condense a longer paper?

Yes, but please let us know that it is a condensed version of a longer paper.

Does the ten-page limit include end notes and bibliography?

No, the ten-page limit is on text pages.

Do my recommenders have to be college faculty?

Yes, letters or recommendations must be from college faculty in departments of American history or American studies. Supplemental letters from internship supervisors or others with direct observation of a candidate’s work or a relevant project may also be submitted.

What is an official transcript?

The rules differ from school to school. Please check with your registrar to determine what you need to send. The envelope should be sealed and signed or stamped across the flap to be considered official; some colleges also require that the transcript be mailed from the registrar’s office and not be given to the student. We cannot accept photocopies or transcripts you have downloaded from the school website.

Will you let me know if my application is complete?

As soon as you have registered your application online, you will be able to review the status of your application.

What should be in my personal statement?

Your personal statement should reflect your interests and achievements in American history, as well as your commitment to public service and community service. Please include academic and extracurricular projects including senior thesis, jobs, internships, or volunteer work.

Where can I find information about the History Scholars Program that ran from 2003 through 2011?

For a list of History Scholars Program alumni, visit the Past Winners page.

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