Gilder Lehrman’s publications provide a rich variety of ways to experience primary sources. We search the Gilder Lehrman Collection for important, rare, and evocative documents to create resource kits, booklets, posters, and other materials for classroom use and display for teachers, students, and general readers.

The Institute has recently published The Twentieth Century: The United States and the World, 1898–1991, the ninth volume in its landmark History in a Box series; a third edition of Why Documents Matter, Gilder Lehrman’s signature document booklet, with new primary sources that touch on the history of the American West and the twentieth century; the 2015 Calendar of the Lincoln and the Civil War; and five posters ranging from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to JFK’s Inaugural Address. Explore these and other publications below.

All these resources are available through our online History Shop at or by calling our office at 646-366-9666.