Gilder Lehrman Saturday Academies provide free elective courses for high school and middle school students on Saturday mornings. A winner of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation’s highest honor for outstanding after-school and out-of-school programs, Saturday Academies have helped more than ten thousand students gain a deeper knowledge of the humanities through American history, literature, and arts classes.

In the 2012–2013 school year, students from hundreds of public, charter, and parochial schools attended Gilder Lehrman Saturday Academy programs. Students in Saturday Academies improve their basic literacy and critical reading skills through exposure to primary documents; engage difficult issues through class discussion, essay projects, and artistic expression; and strengthen their knowledge of the social sciences and humanities. The program prepares students for Advanced Placement and SAT exams and a lifetime of active learning and civic engagement. All Saturday Academies are open to enrollment from all members of the community. For more information, email

List of Academies

Abraham Lincoln High School Saturday Academy
(Brooklyn, New York)

Ryan Fanning, Director. Founded 2005. Enrollment: 84 students.

Courses Offered (Spring 2013)

History of Brooklyn - Teachers: Mr. Ramos and Ryan Fanning

Night at the Museum - Teachers: Mr. Terkel and Mr. Robinson

Military History of the United States - Teachers: Mr. Cucuzza and Mr. Galati

SAT Prep - Teachers: Ms. Dame and Mr. Saitram

Contact Number: 718-372-5474

Academy of American Studies Saturday Academy
(Queens, New York)

Nina Cohen and Mark Solkoff, Co-Directors. Founded 2004. Enrollment: 99 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

A Taste of New York - Teachers: Jason Vanderwalker and Deirdre Tuite

Controversial Issues through Media - Teachers: Anne Kornfield and Christopher Gill

Hollywood vs. American History - Teacher: Krista Rappoccio 

Museum Studies - Teacher: Doug Condon

SAT Prep - Teacher: James Randle

Contact Number: 718-361-8786

All Hallows Saturday Academy
(Bronx, New York)

John Burke, Director. Founded 2002. Enrollment: 198 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

American Immigrant Experience in Film - Teacher: Silvia Santo

Comics in American Culture - Teacher: Silvio Mazzella

United States & the Holocaust - Teacher: Mary Singer

Lincoln and the Civil War - Teacher: Jonathan Morales

20th-Century History through Music - Teacher: Patricia Greenan

The American Revolution - Teacher: Matt Gaynord

History of Professional Sports - Teacher: Matt Gaynord

SAT Prep - Teacher: Holly Oddo

Contact Number: 718-293-4545

Andover High School Saturday Academy
(Andover, Kansas)

Joel Schaefer, Director. Founded 2011. Enrollment: 170 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

Presidential Scandals and Legacies - Teacher: Nicole Kallenbach

Frankin Delano Roosevelt: One Crisis at a Time - Teacher: Shannon Woods

Entrepreneurs: The Source of American Prosperity - Teacher: David Barker

The Death Penalty - Teacher: Kelly Helmer

American Popular Culture - Teacher: Kevin Wiebe

AP US History Survival Skills - Teacher: Joel Schaefer

Contact Number: 316-218-4600

Frederick Douglass Academy Saturday Academy
(New York, New York)

Tamara Montano, Director. Founded 2006. Enrollment: 110 students

Courses Offered (Fall 2012)

PSAT Prep - Teacher: TBA

American History through Film - Teacher: Mr. Devery

American/European Relations since 1914 - Teacher: Mr. Murphy

AP US History Review - Teacher: Tamara Montano

The Civil Rights Movement through Primary Sources - Teacher: Tamara Montano

American Government and Politics - Teacher: Mr. Harris

American Playwriting - Teacher: Ms. Crespo

Contact Number: 541-474-5710

Heights High School Saturday Academy
(Wichita, Kansas)

Christopher Kemp, Director. Founded 2006. Enrollment: 110 students.

Courses Offered (Spring 2013)

Entrepreneorology: How Entrepreneurs Created America - Teacher: Jon Bachura

The Armchair Candidate - Teacher: Shane Phillips

AP US History (Essay Emphasis) - Teacher: Ed Morales

AP US History Prep - Teacher: Chris Kemp

The Vietnam War and the Shadow It Casts - Teacher: Joel Schaefer

What If??? - Teacher: Steve Wentz

Contact Number: 316-973-1400

Museum of the City of New York
(Manhattan, New York)

Joanna Steinberg, Director. Founded 2006. Enrollment: 240 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

Photography in America: Modern History through the Lens - Teacher: Kristen Gaylord

Equality Now! The History of Social Activism in New York City - Teacher: Samantha Schott

Dancing through History: Social Dance in American Culture - Teacher: Joanna Dee Das

Building Working-Class Power: The History of the Labor Movement in America - Teacher: Abe Walker

Bell Curve SAT Skills - Teacher: Bell Curves Instructors

Contact Number: 917-492-3401 or email

New Dorp High School Saturday Academy
(Staten Island, New York)

Dina Zoleo Episcopia, Director. Founded 2005. Enrollment: 225 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2012):

Alternative American History: “What If?” - Teacher: Michael Hubbs

American History v. Hollywood - Teacher: Joseph Ginetto

American Business Law - Teacher: Paul Presti

Mock Presidential Election - Teacher: Anthony Antinoro

American Culinary Arts - Teacher: Ralph LoPresti

SAT English Prep - Teacher: Kate O’Connor

SAT Math Prep - Teacher: Jesse Lambert

Contact Number: 718-667-8686

New-York Historical Society Saturday Academy
(Manhattan, New York)

Chelsea Frosini, Director. Founded 2005. Enrollment: 170 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

“I’m with them!” Social Psychology and American History - Teacher: Jennifer Lagasse

Battleground New York: Protests, Revolutions, and Riots - Teacher: Katie Courtien

Funny Papers, Serious Subjects: A Comic Book History - Teacher: Paul Swartz

SAT Preparation - Teacher: Andrew Parrish

Contact Number: 212-485-9281

Notre Dame Saturday Academy
(Manhattan, New York)

Maryanne Mulvihill, Director. Founded 1997. Enrollment: 285 students.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

Conquer the SAT! - Teachers: Glen Stordeur and Marko Gazic

World War I - Teacher: Mary Anne McElroy

Iconic Films of New York City - Teacher: Lydie Kane

Sports and America - Teacher: Stephen Droske

Vietnam, the United States, and the Cold War - Teacher: Dan Nolan

Gettysburg - Teacher: Chris Doyle

Contact Number: 212-620-5575

Salesian High School Saturday Academy
(New Rochelle, New York)

John Flaherty and Paul Zaccagnino, Co-Directors. Founded 2005. Enrollment: 351 students.

Courses Offered (Spring 2013)

1864–1865: The Last Year of the Civil War - Teacher: Alexander Papace

American History through Cinema - Teacher: Christine Babcock

Carrier War: World War II in the Pacific - Teacher: John Mignuolo

Create a Revolutionary War Web Page - Teacher: Paul Zaccagnino

Historic Crimes in American History - Teacher: Edmund Donovan

My American Hero Web Page - Teacher: Jessica DiBuono

Visual Arts in American History - Teacher: Clark Ruggeri

Wartime America - Teacher: Michelle McCarthy

American Scientists - Teacher: Alexandra Romero

Book ’Em . . . The History of Law Enforcement - Teacher: Richard Raggo

Great American Speeches - Teacher: Jessica DiBuono

One Nation under God - Teacher: Salesians of St. John Bosco

Painting in Red, White and Blue - Teacher: Clark Ruggieri

The Gettysburg Campaign in the Civil War - Teacher: Alexander Papace

SAT Preparation - Teachers: Arthur Schoenherr and Thomas Cannella

The “Short Story” of America - Teacher: Christine Babcock

The Forgotten War: Korea, 1950–53 - Teacher: John Mignuolo

TOP GUN: The History of American Fighting Aircraft - Teacher: Daniel Romero

Contact Number: 914-632-0248

St. Francis Prep Saturday Academy
(Fresh Meadows, NY)

Patrick McLaughlin, Director. Established in 2012.

Courses Offered (Fall 2013)

WWII: Turning Points in the Pacific - Teacher: John Hessel

Was the American Revolution Justified? - Teacher: Charles Jardines

The American Comic Book: A Reflection and Analysis of History and Culture - Teacher: Abelardo Leston

American History through Literature - Teacher: Joseph Castellano

A Survey of the Women of American History - Teacher: Caitlin Donovan

Building a New Nation: The Creation of the United States of America - Teacher: Suzanne Camus

Contact Number: 718-423-8810