Survey on Why Documents Matter

The Gilder Lehrman Institute is in the process of putting together a new edition of Why Documents Matter: American Originals and the Historical Imagination. The booklet is designed to provide teachable primary sources in different genres (letters, government documents, broadsides) for American history and literacy classes. As we consider new documents, and possibly consider dropping some, we would greatly appreciate input from classroom teachers about which documents are particularly useful and which might not be.

You can download a pdf of the full booklet here if you do not have a printed copy. Once you’ve looked over the contents of Why Documents Matter, you can go to the survey and let us know which are most useful and which are least. There is no need to enter a response for every document in the booklet, just the ones that you feel particularly strongly about. We have also included a “note” section for each document if you have had a particularly good experience using the document or if you have any other comments that would help us shape the new edition of the booklet.