President's Council

The President’s Council is a select group of supporters who provide insight to leadership on strategic issues facing the organization—including programs, fundraising, communications, and long-term planning. The President’s Council is composed of diverse individuals who have broad perspectives, are web savvy, and care about education through the prism of their own children in school. The Council will help provide access to new networks, exposure to new ideas, and insight into the priorities of parents of K–12 students. The Council meets quarterly, or as necessary.


Charles N. Atkins
John P. Avlon
Shahnaz Batmanghelidj
M. Barry Bausano
Michael Bingle
A. Dev Chodry
Joseph Coffey
Evan R. Coles
Dixie De Luca
Megan Duff
Susan Fales-Hill
Andrew Fentress
Amanda Geduld
Elisabeth Gray
David Hayes
Lara Heimert
Elizabeth Herbst-Brady
Lesley Herrmann
Michelle D. Johnson
Alan Jones
Amanda Jones
Noorain Khan
Sidney Lapidus
Brian McDonald
Ariel Merrick
Hugh Nguyen
S. Griffin Norquist
John C. O’Hara, Jr.
Maggie Rapp
Alexander T. Robertson
Charles Sahm
Marty Singer
Sheila Stone
Sarah Teslik
Chris Whitford

Representing the Gilder Lehrman Board of Trustees
Shaiza Rizavi