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Davis, George (fl. 1803-1811) Extracts from Davis' journal of activities as American Consul in Tripoli

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC02794.149 Author/Creator: Davis, George (fl. 1803-1811) Place Written: [Tripoli] Type: Manuscript document Date: 1809-1810 Pagination: 6 p. 23 x 18.6 cm

Detailed account of import/export transactions. In notes from 1 to 6 February 1810, Davis gives an account of the Bey of Tripoli's mission "with 1500 cavalry and a small train of artillery to enforce obedience from some of the adjacent arabs and collect the tribute." Davis omits most names from his account. Third leaf not conjugate. Journal entries spanning 26 November 1809 to 21 February 1810.

Recd May 18. 1810
Extracts from the Journal\

Nov 26. Arrived last evening a Tartan from Tunis laden with wheat & barley;
On board of her returned the Courier who was dispatched on the 26. ultomo.
$ 20. 27 A private audience with the Bashaw
Paid the Courier twenty Dollars. -
Dec 1. A private Audience
$ 2. 3. Arrived a Greek Polacre from Tunis laden with beans, grain & barley
Arrived a Courier from Tunis; received letter & paid postage $2. -
4. A private audience with the Bashaw; informed me of the -------------- project to withdraw their--------------- and decline the payment of the annuity; this had been communicated to H. E. by the -------------
6. Arrived the Bashaw Corvette Raise the Girgashi seven days from leghorn with merchandize for the Jews. -
8. A private audience with the Bashaw. H. E. object to the retirement of the --------------- until the annuity is paid.
$ 27. 10. Paid the Sum of $2 for repairing the gutter of the Consular house
11. The --------------------- represented to me the apprehension he entertained for his personal safety and begged my interference with Bashaw to hasten his departure; handed me the letter he had received from his Government authority the payment to tow years annuity yet in can them should be no other means of escaping from the Country, and charging him to conceal from the Bashaw the real object of his retiring.
12. A Private audience. H. E. wishes the arrear annuities to be paid below the --------- retires and objects to the ---------------- interferences.
15. Sailed the Bashaw's Tartan Rais Mohamet Courier for Alexandria.
Dec 16. Arrived an English Brig 12 days from Malta.
21. In English Brig parted his cables last night from the violence of the gale and immediately went to pieces. - All the crew favored.
22. A private audience.
25. Sailed an English Brig for Malta, and the Sicilian prize Xebeque [sic] for Tunis. Arrived an English Bring of War with $ 4000 for the Bashaw; an obtaining a receipt therfor [sic] the immediately sailed without anchoring. -
27. A private audience
28. Arrived the Bashaw's Corveth Rais Ali Girgashi, and two vessels under the English flag from Malta.
29. A private audience.
30. Arrived a Greek vessel laden with oil prize to Rais Kalil. He was captured about two months since near Malta under the convey of an English Frigate by which he was retaken, the Rais sent one of his people to Malta to contest the right assumed by the English commander and recovered the prize.
$ 190 31. A private audience
Paid this from of $ 190 for provider for the public animals during this year.
January 25. Sailed a Greek vessel under the Bashaw's flag with negro from [illegible]
H. E. the Bey left the City this morning with 1500 cavalry and a small train of artillery to enforce obedience from some of the adjacent Arabs and collect the tribute.
28. A private audience. H. E. gave me the freedom of Michele Scott and Nicola Staracci, informed him of my intention of leaving his Regency & he requested me to accompany his Ambassador to Malta, Consul him when them, and as me to select the, most proper character for the mission
$ 8 29. Arrived an English days from Malta, received a ream of from writing paper for the office paid this from $ 8. -
31. This evening the Bashaw placed from ambis at the ---------------------- door with order to prevent all communication between him and the other to prevent all communication between him and the other ----------------. I immediately sent a remonstrance to the Bashaw against this outrage, and begged him to withdraw the ambis and I would indeavour [sic] to sati by his demand for the expires annuity.
2. Received an answer from H. E. at 10. last night. He observed that all the harm war already done, and that he expected the fruit of it was the payment of the annuity before the ambis should be removed. Wrote an official letter to the ------------------- in forming him that I should make us of every exertion to free him from confinement and obtain becoming reparation for the outrage which had been offered to all.
The --------------------------------------------------refused to have any interference in the ---------- affairs; the latter was particularly frank in declaring his assent to the violence offered the ---------- . ------------ Received an official letter from the --------------- .
Feb. 13. An interview with the --------------- ; informed him of the conduct of his colleagues, advised him to resist every ---------------- of the Bashaw with firmness and dignity, and that by such conduct alone he could obtain any [illegible]
3. An interview with the ---------------------------- door on his consentiry [sic] to pay immediately to expired annuity. -
Sailed an English polacre fro Malta. -
7. Arrived an English Bombard 30 days from Bona with grain.
10. A private audience.
11. Arrived a small Greek trobacola prize to Mahomet Calabash, and an English Sloop of War 4 days from Malta.
12. Arrived an English armed Schooner five days from Malta.
13. Sailed the Scoop of War three vessels under convoy for Malta.
14. A private audience.
$ 4. 15. Feast of as hours; gave the usual sum to Drogerman, Moor & $4
Feb 16. Sailed last evening the English Schooner for Malta. -
17. A private audience.
18. Sailed the French privateer Schooner.
$ 27 21. Arrived last evening the Bashaw's polacre Rais Lurie from Morocco laden with grain, and the Trobacola as Mahmoud with horses.
A private audience.
Received letter from Algiers & the Department of State - forwarded the dispatch for Tunis and paid the Courier 27 Dollars for proportion of postage.

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