Mountford, Timothy (fl. 1804-1810) to unknown re: humorous anecdote regarding servants’ antics in Algiers


This letter cannot date from later than 1806, as Timothy Mountford left the region in July of 1806, on the brig Louisa Wheldon bound for Baltimore (Wars with the Barbary Powers – Vol VI p.452). It is likely then that it was written near to the date mentioned at the beginning of the letter - sometime in early 1804.

According to America's Diplomats and Consuls of 1776-1865 (Smith, 1986), Mountford was dismissed by Tobias Lear, Consul General and his cousin, for a "knavish trick", sometime in late 1805 or early 1806. It's unlikely that this incident recounted in the letter is the "trick" that served to send Mountford home, but it certainly shows his prediliction for pranks.

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