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One of the benefits of Affiliate membership is the ability to create custom resource lists.

My Resource List Manager helps you easily gather and organize essays, primary sources, multimedia, and related materials found on the Gilder Lehrman Institute website. Create a reading list, a lesson plan, or simply group items according to your interests.


  • First, log-in using your username and password.
  • Click the heart icon in the upper right-hand corner of a given page to save a favorite resource.
  • All saved resources will appear in your "All Favorited Resources" list which can be accessed from your community profile and My Resource List Manager. Just select the edit button to the right of "All Favorited Resources", or use the link in the left-hand column.
  • Within your master resource list you can drag your favorited resources into a pleasing order, add notes, and copy them to new lists you create.


  • There are two ways to create new lists. 
  • Create a New List:  From My Resource List Manager, select “CREATE A NEW LIST” from the left-hand column. Add title, notes, and assign a subject and sub-era. You can decide whether to make your list public or private and add optional grade-level and teaching standards.
  • Once you've created a new list, you can copy resources from "All Favorited Resources" to your custom list by selecting it from an individual resource’s “Copy to another list” dropdown menu and clicking copy. When complete, a reassuring "copy successful" message will appear.
  • Save selected items as a new list:  Within “All Favorited Resources” you can also choose to select multiple resources for a new list by using the adjacent check boxes. Then, click on “Save selected items as a new list.”
  • In your new list view, add title, notes, and assign a subject and sub-era. You can decide whether to make your list public or private and add optional grade-level and teaching standards.
  • Editing and Deleting Lists: You can choose to edit a list directly from My Resource List Manager or by selecting the list from your resource lists in the left-hand column. You can choose to delete a list directly from My Resource List Manager or within the edit view of any given list.  Within any list you can delete an individual resource by selecting “delete item”; deletions will not be final until you hit the “Save” button. 
  • Please note:  If you delete a resource from a custom list, it *will remain* in your All Favorited Resources.  If you delete a resource from All Favorited Resources, it will be removed from your master list… until you favorite it again.
  • Printing, Saving, and Sharing Lists:  Print or save entire lists as PDFs within My Resource List Manager—from either the “edit” or “view” mode. Print or save individual resources as PDFs within an individual list’s “edit” mode.  Click the share button to share your custom lists with colleagues (or students) via email or social media tools.


  • Find other Affiliate members’ public lists by exploring their profiles in the Community section or by browsing Affiliate Resource Lists within each sub-era and subject in the History by Era section.
  • If you discover a great Affiliate member's list, you can favorite it just like any other resource.  Please note: if the creator of a list you have favorited decides to delete it or make it private, you may lose access to those resources.  Be sure to save any critical lists locally on your desktop.
  • Even better, you can promote it to fellow Affiliates by clicking the "like" button with the thumbs-up icon.  Within each History by Era subject and sub-era, you can then sort Affiliate Resource Lists by popularity.
  • If you really love a list, you can copy all the resources to your own "All Favorited Resources" list by selecting “Copy all items to my favorites list.”


Geology in history is my favorite field of study.

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