to his sister
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Bud (fl. 1863), to his sister

Pvt. Elbert Corbin to his wife, July 6, 1863. (GLC)
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Union soldier turns medic at Gettysburg, 1863

After three days of fierce fighting on July 1–3, 1863, nearly 40,000 battered soldiers lay scattered across the blood-soaked fields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As the...

Paul Jones Semmes to Emily J. Semmes, July 9, 1863 (Gilder Lehrman Collection)
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Death of a soldier, 1863: Paul Semmes

The Civil War was the bloodiest in the nation’s history, with 618,000 Union and Confederate soldiers perishing in the war. Among the nearly 8,000 men mortally wounded at the battle...

Select images from the American Civil War

In October 1862, Mathew Brady opened a photography exhibition at his studio in New York City. Entitled The Dead of Antietam, the exhibition attracted large crowds and brought the war home in a way that news articles and casualty listings...

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