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History Now

Alexander Hamilton in the American Imagination: History Now 44 (Winter 2016)

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Richard Brookhiser, "Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made America Prosperous"

Joanne B. Freeman, "The Presidential Election of 1800: A Story of Crisis, Controversy, and Change"

Joanne Freeman, "Understanding the Burr-Hamilton Duel"

James Kirby Martin, "No Way Out: Lord Cornwallis, the Siege of Yorktown, and America’s Victory in the War for Independence"

Bryan Phillips Murphy, "Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill: How He Got There and Why It Matters"

Richard Sylla, "The US Banking System: Origin, Development, and Regulation"

Elizabeth L. Wollman, "'The Authentic Voice of Today': Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton"

For more scholarly content on Hamilton, visit History Now 44: Alexander Hamilton in the American Imagination.

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All the teaching resources in Creating a New Government sub-era

The Battle over the Bank: Hamilton v. Jefferson

Founding Fathers: Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison

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