American History: An Introduction (History in a Box)


American History: An Introduction provides ten classroom-ready American history units from Native Americans through the Civil Rights Movement. The box introduces critical topics in American history with hands-on activities including games, letters, poems, maps, songs, and posters. Document-based units encourage critical thinking and literacy skills for students. Ideal for grades 3–8, this box includes ten individual units.

  1. Native Americans
  2. The Colonial Era
  3. The American Revolution
  4. Making of a New Nation
  5. Westward Expansion
  6. Slavery and Abolition
  7. The Civil War
  8. A Nation of Immigrants, 1850–1938
  9. The Industrial Revolution
  10. Civil Rights

Each unit contains a resource booklet, posters, and placards. The CD in this box is An American Sampler: Selected Poems and Songs That Celebrate Our Nation’s Past.



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