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Kurz & Allison Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark.

Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC00317.01 Author/Creator: Kurz & Allison Place Written: Chicago, Illinois Type: Print Date: 1889 Pagination: 1

Summary of Content: Published by Kurz & Allison, Art Publishers at 76 and 78 Wabash Avenue in Chicago. Depicts a charging column of mixed Confederate calvary and infantry on the right side of the image. Most of the Confederate calvary are American Indians dressed in traditional garb, feather headdresses, and spears. Lower right foreground has a particularly detailed rendering of an Indian. Union lines are held by a mixture of infantry and artillerymen. Several Federal calvaryman are situated in the lower left foreground. Only two men lay wounded or killed, one on each side of the battle. Smoke is depicted throughout, but no blood is visible. The landscape is hilly and grey with leafless trees scattered throughout. Below the Union side of the lithograph is a listing of the units in the battle: "March 5' to 8' 1862_3'15'25'35'36'37'44'59' Ill., 2'3'12'15'17'24' & Phelp's Mo., 8'18' & 22' Ind., 3'4' & 9' Iowa, Inf._1'4'5' & 6' Mo., Cav._B&F 2'Mo, 2' Ohio, 1' Ind., x A, 2' Ill. Art." Paper discoloration because of matting around the image. Small tear has left a piece of the right border missing.


Historical Era: Rise of Industrial America, 1877-1900

Keywords/Subjects: Battle, American Indian History, Military History, Civil War, Union Forces, Confederate States of America, Death, Injury or Wound, Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, Art, Music, Theater, and Film

Sub Era: