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The Hollywood Reporter
New York Times (Founding Era quiz)
Google Blog (Hamilton Education Program + Google Exhibitions partnership)
Buzzfeed News (Hamilton Education Program + Google Expeditions partnership)
San Francisco Chronicle
Stanford Arts Review
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times

New York Times
New York Post
New York Daily News
Huffington Post
Wall Street Journal


Hamilton Education Program (original)
Hamilton Education Program (national expansion)
Hamilton Education Program’s April 26 Matinees for 5,000 Students in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco


MTV's College Signing Day: Original Hamilton castmember Oak Onaodowan explains the Hamilton Education Program, followed by a student performance by Alyssa Martinez
MTV's College Signing Day: A student performance by Diandre Alexander and Melik Morrison
CBS News reports on ways the Hamilton Education Program & other Hamilton-inspired programs encourage a love of history
CNN on the Hamilton Education Program + Google Exhibitions partnership
PBS NewsHour coverage of the Hamilton Education Program
President Barack Obama discusses the Hamilton Education Program and the cast performs “Alexander Hamilton” at White House
Lin-Manuel Miranda, interviewed on NBC Nightly News
Ron Chernow, interviewed on Charlie Rose