The New Deal

These videos and podcasts by eminent scholars, master teachers, and other speakers open a variety of ways to explore American history. The presentations range from two- or three-minute interview clips to hour-long lectures. Whether you watch them in class, assign them to your students for homework, or download them to your iPod for a long road trip, each one can give you new insight into the past.

Chat with the Curator: Amelia Earhart and Neta Snook

Speaker(s): Sandra Trenholm, Susan Butler

FDR’s First 100 Days . . . and Obama’s

Speaker(s): Anthony J. Badger

FDR’s Personal History and Influences

Speaker(s): Alan Brinkley

FDR’s Popularity

Speaker(s): Michael Flamm

FDR’s Use of Radio

Speaker(s): Michael Flamm

The American West in the 1930s and 1940s

Speaker(s): Richard White

The Impact of the New Deal

Speaker(s): Alan Brinkley

The Power of Radio in the 1930s

Speaker(s): Michael Flamm