Sid Lapidus Collection: Liberty and the American Revolution

These teaching resources and interactive incorporate excerpts from Revolutionary era books exhibited in Liberty and Revolution at the Princeton University Library in 2009. Drawn from the collection of Sid Lapidus, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue marked the gift of these printed works to Princeton University.

The use of these selected primary sources from the Sid Lapidus Collection encourage students to read and discuss the words of the men and women who debated issues of liberty and slavery in the period leading up to the American Revolution.

The documents in this teaching resource are drawn from a selection of printed books in the Sid Lapidus Collection at Princeton University. Educators wishing to consider additional sources and view higher resolution versions of the images featured here are encouraged to log on to the collection available in the Princeton Digital Library. To suggest or submit a unit, email


Liberty and the American Revolution: Selections from the Collection of Sid Lapidus, Princeton University Library

Lesson Plans

The Stamp Act Crisis

What Does Liberty Look Like?

“Contagious Liberty”: Women in the Revolutionary Age

The First Emancipation