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Unknown ”The Warning”

GLC #: GLC03107.05312 Date: [n.d.] Object Type: Document

Livingston, Robert ”An Ancient Prophecy Concerning these Times”

GLC #: GLC03107.00082 Date: 1682/05/01 Object Type: Manuscript

Livingston, Robert Rhyme [in Dutch] re: Leysler

GLC #: GLC03107.00160 Date: 1689/10/19 Object Type: Manuscript document

Livingston, Robert ’A Sayre [Satire] upon the Times’

GLC #: GLC03107.00692 Date: 1702 Object Type: Manuscript

Livingston, Henry (1714-1799) ”State of Innocence”

GLC #: GLC03107.01749 Date: [1725/06/30] Object Type: Autograph manuscript
Pennsylvania gazette. [No. 743 (March 10, 1743)]

Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Pennsylvania gazette. [No. 743 (March 10, 1743)]

GLC #: GLC06670.008 Date: 10 March 1743 Object Type: Newspaper

Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Pennsylvania gazette. [No. 754 (May 26, 1743)]

GLC #: GLC06670.016 Date: 26 May 1743 Object Type: Newspaper

Unknown [Memorandum]

GLC #: GLC02437.08264 Date: circa 1750-1820 Object Type: Manuscript document

Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Pennsylvania gazette. [No. 1107 (February 27, 1750)]

GLC #: GLC06670.133 Date: 27 February 1750 Object Type: Newspaper

Oliver, Daniel Poem, ”To a young Friend”

GLC #: GLC01450.313 Date: 1751 Object Type: Manuscript

Carroll, Charles (1737-1832) Caroli Carroll, Liber Anno 1752

GLC #: GLC00600 Date: 1752 Object Type: Autograph manuscript signed

Poem, ”Come Soldiers All” re: battle on Plains of Abraham

GLC #: GLC01450.314 Date: 1759? ca. Object Type: Manuscript

Catton, Charles (1756-1819) [Portrait of the poet Charles Churchill]

GLC #: GLC00496.141 Date: no date Object Type: Sketch

Macaulay, Catharine (1731-1791) [On W Macaulays History of England]

GLC #: GLC01794.01 Date: 30 November 1763 Object Type: Poem

Duche, Jacob (fl. 1765) ”Amicus Pennsylvaniae”

GLC #: GLC08123 Date: May 1765 Object Type: Autograph manuscript signed
[Collection of two Bromfield family books] Decimalized

[Collection of two Bromfield family books] Decimalized

GLC #: GLC01450.030 Date: 1770-1802 Object Type: Autograph manuscript signed
to Henry Knox

Howland, Joseph (1749-1836) to Henry Knox

GLC #: GLC02437.00004 Date: 26 December 1770 Object Type: Autograph letter signed

Longman, Thomas (1731-1797) [List]

GLC #: GLC02437.10368 Date: 12 October 1771 Object Type: Manuscript document