Summer PD: Self-Paced Courses

Summer is a great time for teachers to take a Self-Paced Course and earn professional development credit while picking up content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Each Self-Paced Course is equivalent to 15 PD credit hours and can be taken at any time or place, with no deadlines or expiration dates. Click here to browse all 16 courses, or discover the two newest offerings below:

Professor Brunsman leads a lecture on the role of women in the American RevolutiRevolutionary America, led by Professor Denver Brunsman of George Washington University, explores the American Revolutionary era, including insight into new scholarly approaches to traditional subjects, including American resistance to British rule, the decision to fight for independence, and America’s victory in the Revolutionary War. Participants will consider marginalized figures and groups, including loyalists, women, African Americans, and American Indians, who challenge conventional interpretations of the Revolution. The course includes six seminars by Professor Brunsman, three pedagogy video tutorials, and primary source readings that complement the lectures.

Professor Cannato leads a tour of the Tenement MuseumAmerican Immigration History, led by Professor Vincent J. Cannato of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, explores the struggles and achievements of major groups who journeyed to a new home in the United States, including Irish, Italian, Jewish, Asian, and Latino Americans. Participants will consider questions involving exclusion and inclusion; patterns of settlement; race, gender, and ethnicity; and the evolution of federal government policy. The course includes five lectures by Professor Cannato, optional primary sources that complement the lectures, and virtual tours of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Tenement Museum. 

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