World War I, led by Michael Neiberg, US Army War College

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This course explores American involvement in World War I both in Europe and at home. The era of the First World War was a crucial period in the development of modern America both as a nation on the international scene and in terms of economic, social, and political institutions at home. In this course, Professor Michael Neiberg of the US Army War College explores the forces that brought America into the war, the country's involvement, and its emergence into the post-war world.


  • Twelve lectures
  • Primary source readings that complement the lectures
  • A certificate of completion for 15 hours of professional development credit

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LEAD SCHOLAR: Michael Neiberg

Michael Neiberg is the chair of war studies at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He previously taught at the US Air Force Academy and the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Neiberg has conducted extensive research on World War I and World War II through the lenses of social, military, and world history. Some of his books include When France Fell: The Vichy Crisis and the Fate of the Anglo-American Alliance, The Path to War: How the First World War Created Modern America, and Making Citizen-Soldiers: ROTC and the Ideology of American Military Service.