Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America

This exhibition examines Hamilton’s central role during the Revolutionary War and Founding period in creating the economic, constitutional, social, journalistic, political, and foreign policy templates for modern America. Using reproductions from the Gilder Lehrman Collection and the Library of the New-York Historical Society, and drawing on recent scholarship about Alexander Hamilton, this traveling exhibition helps students learn that Hamilton was a statesman and visionary whose life shaped the America we live in two hundred years after his death.

Supplementary Materials

  • Site Support Notebook
  • Press Kit
  • Set Up Instructions

Logistical Information

This traveling exhibition is composed of seven freestanding sections. It will require a total of 65–75 running feet of display space. The loan period for this exhibition is four weeks. Sites are required to pay a loan fee of $1350, which covers shipping and administrative costs, and a refundable $250 deposit.

Online Exhibition

To view a digital version of this exhibition, click here.