The Gilder Lehrman Institute invites you to help us tag Founding Era publications in the Gilder Lehrman Collection. Without radio, telephones, or the internet, this is how most information in the world was shared. On this site, we have selected newspapers, pamphlets, broadsides, magazines, and journals from the Gilder Lehrman Collection dated between 1770 and 1807. Publications at this time were important for announcements, advertisements, news, events, and literature. They are sources of unique information about the Founding Era that we cannot find elsewhere.  

Tagging is a great way to get involved with making primary sources more accessible and inclusive. Through tags, you can identify people, events, terms, and topics in articles, news items, announcements, advertisements, and literary works and bring to light unknown stories and help researchers find those stories.

How to participate

  • All tags are welcome! We are looking for tags that document the stories of lives in the eighteenth century.
  • No log-in is required so feel free to visit the selected collections listed below to get started.
  • Choose an issue of a newspaper to focus on.
  • Review the text (articles, essays, advertisements, news items, etc.) for any topics of interest.
  • Assign tags for events, places, topics, people that convey the context for the item. See the Suggested Tags page for instructions and the How to Tag page to learn how to navigate the project and recognize unique parts of eighteenth-century text such as The Long S.
  • For any questions please contact us at

Tagging Projects

Massachusetts Centinel [No.1 (September 19, 1781)]

One issue of the Massachusetts Centinel [No.1 (September 19, 1781)]. Published by Benjamin Russell as a semi-weekly periodical. Russell was a supporter of the new Constitution and published editorial statements that were pro-Federalist.

Town and Country Magazine or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment, 1771

Collection of twelve issues of Town and Country Magazine or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment dated 1771. This is the third annual volume of a periodic journal.

Columbian Centinel, 1787–1789

Two issues of the Columbian Centinel dated September 1, 1792, and September 5, 1792. Contains numerous advertisements for goods, missing items, and other matters. Articles printed compare poverty in Britain and America.

Gazette of the United States

One issue of the Gazette of the United States dated September 23, 1789. This newspaper was founded by John Fenno in 1789 and was sponsored by Alexander Hamilton. Contains an early form of the Bill of Rights as twelve amendments to the Constitution.

The Mail or Claypoole’s Daily Advertiser

One issue of The Mail; or, Claypoole’s Daily Advertiser dated October 26, 1791. Founded by David C. Claypoole in 1771 originally as the Pennsylvania Packet. Contains numerous advertisements for goods, missing items and other matters.