Looking at Lincoln

This exhibition explores the Civil War and issues of slavery through political cartoons depicting Abraham Lincoln and his policies. These cartoons are vividly biting; they invite us to put aside twenty-first-century assumptions and look at events through the eyes of people living in the era. Among the highlights are: a California printing of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln and political cartoons relating to the election of 1860. As Americans continue to debate the legacy of slavery, these cartoons provide a historical point of reference for current events.


  • Site Support Notebook
  • Educator’s Guide
  • Press Kit
  • Set Up Instructions


This traveling exhibition is composed of four interlocking panels. It will require a total of 8–10 running feet of display space. The loan period for this exhibition is four weeks. Sites are required to pay a loan fee of $450, which covers shipping and administrative costs, and a refundable $100 deposit.


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