How rigorous are your courses? How much time will they take to complete?

If I miss a session, how do I catch up? Will missing a session lower my grade?


Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to take a Gilder Lehrman online course?

What sort of computer do I need in order to join the live sessions? Do I need speakers? Can I use an iPad?

Do I need a fast Internet connection in order to participate in the live sessions?

Costs and credits

What does my graduate course fee include?

Do you offer scholarships or any other financial aid?

What if I decide to withdraw? Can I get a refund of my registration fee?

What are the benefits of auditing a course?

Can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Points (PDPs)?


Do I need to be a teacher in order to enroll in a Gilder Lehrman online course?

May I join a Gilder Lehrman online course as a high school or undergraduate college student?

M.A. in American History

How do I enroll?

Is there an application fee? What are the requirements for enrolling?

What if I want to take an online course, but not pursue the M.A.?

Is there a set curriculum?

I have previously taken a Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminar; can I apply that work toward the M.A. in American History?

May I transfer credits from another university?

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