Posters are ideal for stimulating classroom discussion, setting the stage for a particular historical topic, or for display in a classroom, library, or community center. Each poster reproduces a historical document, print, or photograph, most from the Gilder Lehrman Collection. They are on high-quality poster paper, measuring 22" x 30". New posters (shown in bold) are on white paper; previously printed posters are on ivory paper. They can be purchased from the Gilder Lehrman History Shop.

Map of North American Colonies, 1733
Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770
Declaration of Independence, 1776
United States Constitution, 1787
Runaway Slave Ads
Anti-Slavery Broadside, 1836
Abolitionist Flag, c. 1859
John Brown, 1800–1859
Abraham Lincoln, 1860
Civil War Scenes
Literature and the Anti-Slavery Campaign, 1861
Map of the United States, 1862
Lincoln and His Generals after Antietam, 1862
Emancipation Proclamation, 1863
Civil War Recruiting Poster, 1863 (2)
Emancipated Slave Children, 1863
Black Troops in the Civil War, 1863
President Abraham Lincoln, 1863
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, 1863
Sojourner Truth, 1864
Yosemite Land Grant, 1864
Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, 1865
Fifteenth Amendment, 1870
Frederick Douglass, c. 1870
Theodore Roosevelt, 1906
20th-Century Immigration
The Women’s Suffrage Movement, 1915
Suffragist Movement, 1917
Immigrants & the War Effort, 1917
Labor on the Home Front, 1918
World War I Recruiting Poster, 1918
Pearl Harbor, 1941
What WWII Was About
Uncle Sam in World War II
Integrating the World Force in WWII
Women in Industry in WWII

Recruiting Nurses in World War II
International Cooperation in WWII
Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, 1961
Nixon and Mao, 1972
Reagan and Gorbachev Defuse the Cold War, 1987