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6-Day, July 26-31: The Global Cold War

Due to the growing health crisis and restrictions on in-person gatherings, the Gilder Lehrman Institute will not be able to offer in-person Teacher Seminars this summer. We are working on an alternative offering for the summer. Please visit for updates.

In Partnership with the USS Midway Museum


Daniel Sargent, Associate Professor of History, University of California Berkeley


Focused on the Cold War’s late phase, resolution, and legacies, this seminar will situate the Soviet-American struggle in broad historical and international contexts. Lectures will ask why the Cold War stabilized in the early 1970s and re-escalated thereafter, what roles diverse societies played in the Cold War’s waging, and why the Cold War ended as it did. The seminar will explore not only the statecraft but also the social, geopolitical, and economic contexts for the Cold War, including globalization. The interplay between structural constraints and individual agency will be a central theme. Participants will encounter a diverse array of sources, and the seminar’s location aboard the USS Midway will enable participants to explore one of the Cold War’s signal military technologies: the aircraft carrier.

Travel & Accommodations

Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements; the Institute will provide a travel stipend of $350. Read the policy here. There are several options for traveling to and from San Diego. The USS Midway is located on San Diego Bay in downtown San Diego just minutes from the San Diego International Airport. 

Workshop participants will stay in a local hotel and share rooms with other participants. Participants should bring laptops as computer access will be limited.


Meals will be served on-site in space shared by other programs. All on-site meals will be paid for by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.


Please be sure to review the Institute’s policies on independent school teacher participation and travel stipends before applying.


Email the Teacher Seminars department or call 646-366-9666.

Seminar Year: 2019-2020