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3-Day Regional (Hingham, MA), June 22-24: The Early American Republic, 1787-1808

Due to the growing health crisis and restrictions on in-person gatherings, the Gilder Lehrman Institute will not be able to offer in-person Teacher Seminars this summer. We are working on an alternative offering for the summer. Please visit for updates.

In Partnership with the Hingham Historical Society


Andrew W. Robertson, Associate Professor, Graduate Center | Lehman College, CUNY


The Early American Republic was a unique moment in United States history, when the Founders were actively engaged in government. This seminar will discuss the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We will consider the controversy over Hamiltonian economic policy and over foreign policy in an era fraught with the perils of foreign entanglements. We will examine the increasing democratization and polarization of the United States in advance of the 1800 election. We will explore two major challenges of the Jefferson administration, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Embargo. Participants will consider the important changes in women’s role in public and private life. This seminar will also consider the Founders’ greatest worry: how would Americans keep a republic that was rapidly becoming half slave and half free?

Seminar Policies

This seminar is one of four 3-day Regional Seminars being offered in 2020. Each 3-day seminar will offer topics ranging from the Founding Era through 9/11 with priority given to teachers in the region. This format allows teachers to receive high-quality professional development without traveling far from home. 

This seminar will be at the Hingham Historical Society, 34 Main Street, Hingham, MA. From Boston South Station, 16 miles southeast of downtown Boston, the Historical Society is accessible via the "T" Red Line (outbound to Quincy Center, transferring to the 220 bus to North Street opposite Station Street) or the Greenbush Line of the MBTA Regional Rail to West Hingham. Parking will also be provided by the Gilder Lehrman Institute and the Hingham Historical Society for those who choose to drive to the seminar. Click here for customizable directions.


All on-campus meals (breakfast and lunch) will be paid for by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and the Hingham Historical Society.


Please be sure to review the Institute’s policies on independent school teacher participation before applying.


Email the Teacher Seminars department or call 646-366-9666.

Seminar Year: 2019-2020