Civil War 150 Online Exhibition (↓Scroll Down For More)

Civil War 150 - The Nation Divides

Audio in panel: 1. Lincoln on slavery and government.mp3 Download

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1861: The Union is Dissolved

Audio in panel: 2. Braxton Bragg to Henry Hunt.mp3 Download

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This Cruel War

Audio in panel: 3. Mary Kelley to her sister Sarah Gordon.mp3 Download

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1863: Turning Points

Audio in panel: 4. The Emancipation Proclamation Download
5. African American Recruiting Broadside Download
6. William Woodlin's Diary Download
7. The Gettysburg Address Download
8. David Smith on Gettysburg Download

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The Price of Victory (1864 - 1865)

Audio in panel: 9. Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Download
10. Robert E. Lee's Surrender Download
11. Lincoln to Ulysses S. Grant Download
12. Jeremiah M. Tate to his sister Download
13. Lysander Wheeler to his family.mp3 Download

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