The Civil War

Most Americans agree that the Civil War was the most traumatic event in our nation’s history. This resource box will invite students and teachers to deepen their understanding of the complexity of this time. Including documents and artwork by and about military and political leaders, soldiers and civilians, African Americans and women, this resource will help students examine the reasons for the Civil War and how Americans across the country experienced that terrible conflict and its legacy.

This volume includes the booklet Pictures of the Civil War: Five Union Soldiers’ Sketchbooks and the CD Voices from the Civil War, featuring recordings of letters, speeches by leaders, and reflections of soldiers.

Each volume of the History in a Box series includes:

  • A resource book with annotated primary sources, artwork, maps, discussion questions, and a list of additional resources; accompanied by an electronic version of the book on CD-ROM
  • A sequential set of posters of documents and illustrations
  • 8 to 10 portrait placards of key individuals
  • A timeline
  • Lectures by eminent historians (DVD)
  • Music and/or dramatic readings of letters from the period (CD)
Price: $99.99