Slavery and Abolition

Slavery and Abolition is organized into seven chronological sections: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the American Colonies; Slavery in the Era of the American Revolution; Slave Resistance; Abolitionism; Slavery in the Courts, and the Law; African Americans and the Civil War; and The End of Slavery through Constitutional Amendments. Included in this volume is the booklet Slavery in the Founding Era and a CD of spirituals, work songs, and songs of freedom.

Each volume of the History in a Box series includes:

  • A resource book with annotated primary sources, artwork, maps, discussion questions, and a list of additional resources; accompanied by an electronic version of the book on CD-ROM
  • A sequential set of posters of documents and illustrations
  • 8 to 10 portrait placards of key individuals
  • A timeline
  • Lectures by eminent historians (DVD)
  • Music and/or dramatic readings of letters from the period (CD).
Price: $99.99