In September, Gilder Lehrman will launch an online AP US History Study Guide designed for students based on the 2014-15 AP US History Course. Click here to sign up for a reminder when this resource is launched.

Get ready for the AP US History Exam with carefully chosen essays by expert historians, short videos on essential questions in American history, and last minute prep videos for when you're counting down the final days before the test.

Gilder Lehrman AP US History Reader


Brush up on content

After a long year of classes and studying, refresh your thinking on core concepts in US History with the help of scholars from the nation's top universities. It's your very own Ivy League crash course.

Three tests, Three ways to excel

  • Multiple-Choice Questions: Navigate your way through the 80 Multiple-Choice Questions with confidence and ease. This video presents keywords and question types to look for, what to do if you get stuck, and how to get off to a strong early start.

  • Click here to download a checklist to review just before the big day.   


  • Document-Based Question (DBQ): Tackle this often-feared essay with efficiency and certainty. This video shows you what to watch for as you read, how to make sure your essay matches the specific question being asked, and offers advice for putting together your overall thesis.  

  • Click here to download a DBQ review for studying on the go.


  • Free-Response Question (FRQ): You know the facts. With this video, learn effective strategies for time-management, how to organize your thoughts and structure your essay, and suggestions on how to introduce key ideas into your answers to the Free-Response Questions.

  • Click here to download a Free-Response Question review sheet.




On behalf of my students...THANK YOU!
You all are awesome!

Excellent stuff here! Keep up the great work!

Excellent snippets of analysis that could help before Wednesday's exam!

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