In September, Gilder Lehrman launched an online AP US History Study Guide designed for students based on the 2014–15 AP US History Course. Period 1, Period 2Period 3, Period 4, Period 5, Period 6, Period 7Period 8, and finally, Period 9 are currently up and running, and we will add a new period every three weeks. Keep up with the periods throughout the year, review the entire study guide to prepare for the exam, and return to this page for hints on test-taking skills tailored to the types of questions on the exam. Sign up below to get updates when new material is posted.








Stay tuned for more.



On behalf of my students...THANK YOU!
You all are awesome!

Excellent stuff here! Keep up the great work!

Excellent snippets of analysis that could help before Wednesday's exam!

Anyone know where to find study guides, flashcards, terms, etc. for The American Nation 14th ed. by Mark Carnes?

Try Quizlet? They sometimes have flashcards for specific books + chapters :)

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