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Scrapbook, Vol. II.

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC06196.106 Author/Creator: Place Written: s.l. Type: Scrapbook Date: Pagination:

Summary of Content: 1 a. Calling card. "The Honorable John Henry Hilldring, Assistant Secretary of State, Washington D.C." [n.d.] b. Calling card. "Henrik de Kauffmann Ambassadeur de Danemark." [n.d.] c. Army Service Forces. Invitation: Washington, D.C., to John Hilldring re: reception in honor of General Brehon Somervell. 12 Oct 1945 d. Calling card. "Ambassador of India." [n.d.] e. Calling card. "Mr. Binay Ranjan Sen, Minister of India." [n.d.] 2 Szymczak, M. S. TLS to John Hilldring re: Thanksgiving sentiments. 15 Nov 1943 3 a. Lyttelton, Oliver, and Col. J. J. Llewellin. Invitation to dinner at the Hotel Mayflower. 24 Apr 1945 b. Bonnet, Henri. Invitation to concert at the French Embassy. [n.d.] c. Vargas, Ricardo Martinez. Calling card + env. [n.d.] d. de los Monteros, Antonio Espinosa. Calling card + env. [n.d.] e. Rhee, Syngman. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Tadjeddin, Said. Calling card. [n.d.] 4 a. Macready, G.N. TL to Hilldring re: accepting invitation. [n.d.] b. National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution. Invitation to opening of new galleries containing recent additions to the Kress Collection. 2 Feb 1946 5 a. Pan American Union. Invitation to opening session of the Inter-American Defense Board. [n.d.] b. Printed card with list of names, including Henry L. Stimson, Frank Knox, General George C. Marshall. [n.d.] c. Le General de Saint Didier. Invitation to cocktails. [n.d.] 6 a. Chinese Armed Forces. Invitation to reception to honor U.S. Armed Forces. [n.d.] b. Netherlands Representatives to the Combined Chiefs of Staff. Invitation to farewell party for Rear Admiral L.G. L. van der Kun. [n.d.] c. Comwautous, A.M. Invitation to cocktails for Sir Hartings and Lady Ismay. 12 Oct 1945 d. [?] Invitation to dinner in honor of Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby. 14 Sep 1945 7 a. Bovenschen, Frederick. Invitation to cocktails at Hotel Statler. [n.d.] b. Mouris, Aury. Christmas card. [n.d.] c. Dill, Nancy. ALS + env. to Mrs. Hilldring, 2 p. re: thank you. 22 Jan 1944 8 a. Chargé D'Affaires of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Mrs. Novicov. Invitation to reception for 28th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. 17 Nov 1945 b. UNRRA Staff Society. Invitation to reception for 2nd anniversary of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. [n.d.] c. Chinese Ambassador and Madame Wei. Invitation to reception for the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Republic. [n.d.] d. Cartier, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre. Christmas card. [n.d.] 9 a. [Roosevelt, Franklin Delano.] Invitation + R.S.V.P. card + env. to lunch with President. 7 Jul 1944 9 b. Card printed with gold eagle and Hilldring's name + env. [n.d.] c. Unidentified admission card. [n.d.] d. Admission pass to White House. 7 Jul 1944 10 Ping-Heng, Li. Invitation to dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. 11 May [n.y.] 11 a. Sarayev, Col. and Mrs. Illia, and Capt. And Mrs. Ivan Yegorichev. Invitation to 24th anniversary of the Red Army of the USSR. 23 Feb [n.y.] b. Ambassador Gromyko, et al. Invitation to reception. 23 Feb [n.y.] 12 [Peruvian Ambassador.] TL to Hilldring re: presentation of 'Orden del Sol' to Gen. George Marshall. 5 May 1942 13 a. Bolton, Frances P. Invitation to tea. 23 Jan 1945 b. [Secretary of Labor.] Invitation + pass to reception for International Labor Conference. 24 Apr [n.y.] c. 309th Engineer Combat Battalion, 84th Infantry Division. Christmas card. [n.d.] 14 a. Acheson, Dean. Invitation to meeting of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. 10 Nov [n.y.] b. Hernandez, Mr. and Mrs Jaime. Christmas card. [Dec 1944] c. Stimson, Mrs. Invitation to the Stimson home. 17 Feb [n.y.] d. Lopez, Guillermo. Invitation to dinner. With envelope and card. 19 Mar [n.d.] e. Culbertson, Mr. and Mrs. William Smith. Invitation to dinner. 11 May [n.y.] 15 a. Chairman of the War Production Board. Invitation to preview of National Labor-Management Production Exposition. 2 Mar 1944 b. International Aid Division. Invitation to cocktails. 20 Feb 1944 c. Somervell, Brehon. Invitation to dinner for Thomas Riddell-Webster. 27 Aug [n.y.] d. Cornwall-Jones, Mrs. Invitation to cocktail party. 29 Jan [n.y.] e. Hilldring, John. Calling card. [n.d.] 16 Menu + placecard from dinner honoring Henri Honore Giraud. 7 Jul 1943 17 a. Fenard, Vice Admiral and Madame. Invitation to reception. 12 Feb [n.y.] b. Alphand, M. Hervé. Invitation to cocktail party. 11 Aug 1944 c. Acting Secretary of War. Invitation to dinner for Charles de Gaulle. 17 July [n.y.] d. Small card with "General Hilldring" in black ink. [n.d.] e. Small card inscribed "Mrs. Hilldring." [n.d.] f. Menu from dinner in honor of Charles de Gaulle. 7 July 1944 g. Small card inscribed "General Hilldring." [n.d.] 18 a. [France.] Invitation to Mass to celebrate the liberation of Paris. 26 Aug 1944 b. Fenard, Vice Admiral and Madame. Christmas card. [n.d.] c. Overseas Club of Zamboanga. Membership card. 11 Nov 1929 d. Général de Saint Didier. Calling card. [n.d.] 19 Program from Cuban festival in honor of Fulgeneia Batista, with env. 1 Feb 1939 20 a. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. John Lawrence. Calling card. [n.d.] b. Foreign Service Educational Foundation. Invitation to Commencement. 1 Jun 1946 c. Far Eastern Commission in Washington. Invitation to garden party. 12 Jun [n.y.] d. Rubin, Seymour J. Invitation to reception for Swedish delegation. 20 Jun 1945 e. Belgian Ambassador. Invitation to dinner. 19 Jun [n.y.] f. Small card inscribed "The Minister of Afghanistan." [n.d.] 21 American Legion. Invitation to Armistice Day ceremonies. 11 Nov 1945 22 a. Chinese Ambassador. Invitation to luncheon. 17 Feb [n.y.] b. Ambassador of India. Invitation to reception. 24 Apr [n.y.] c. International Council for Christian Leadership. Invitation to reception. 6 May [n.y.] d. Maszak, Szegedy, Minister and Mrs. Invitation to reception. 5 May [n.y.] e. Australian Charge d'Affaires. Invitation to reception. 11 Jul [n.y.] f. Gruber, Karl. Calling card. [n.d.] 23 a. Bonnet, Henri and Madame. Invitation to reception. 30 Sep [n.y.] b. Mathenet, Le General. Invitation. 13 Mar [n.y.] c. Bonnet, Henri and Madame. Invitation to dinner. 15 Aug [n.y.] d. Menu inscribed "Mrs. Hilldring," with picture of the U.S.S. Sequoia. [n.d.] e. Menu inscribed "Ass't. Sec. Hilldring," with picture of the U.S.S. Sequoia. [n.d.] f. Admission card to the Continental Room of the Wardman Park Hotel. 27 Sep [n.y.] 24 a. Benton, William. Invitation to dinner, with R.S.V.P. card. 25 Sep [n.y.] b. Clayton, William L. Invitation to PJCAO Caribbean Regional Air Navigation Meeting , with admission card. 26 Aug [n.y.] c. Silverorvy, [?] LS to John Hilldring re: meeting with Belgian diplomats. 3 Jul 1946 d. Charge d'Affaires of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Invitation to reception. 11 Oct [n.y.] 25 a. Pawley, William Douglas. Calling card. [n.d.] b. Kayoum, Abdul. Calling card. [n.d.] c. Auloomi, Abu Baker. Calling card. [n.d.] 25 d. Wildman, Frederick S. Calling card. [n.d.] e. The Chairman of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Mrs. Snyder. Invitation to reception. 27 Sep. [n.y.] f. Ambassador of China and Madame Koo. Invitation to reception. 10 Oct [n.y.] g. Watson, Thomas J. Telegram to John Hilldring re: U.N. luncheon. 29 Nov 1946 26 a. Envelope addressed to Mr. And Mrs. John Hilldring. [n.d.] b. Truman, Mr. and Mrs. [Harry]. Invitation to reception, with admission card. 23 Oct 1945 c. Ambassador of Czechoslovakia and Madame Slávik. Invitation to recption. 28 Oct [n.y.] d. de Saint Didier, Le Général et Madame. Calling card. [n.d.] e. Di Stefano, Mario. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Tarchiani, Alberto. Calling card. [n.d.] g. Al-Faqih, Asad. Calling card. [n.d.] 26 Aziz, Mohamad Ayoub. Calling card. [n.d.] 27 a. Turkish Ambassador. Invitation to reception. 29 Oct [n.y.] b. International Monetary Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Invitation to dinner. 3 Oct [n.y.] c. Moorhead, Robert Lowry. Invitation to his daughter's wedding. 17 Oct 1946 d. Foley, Mr. And Mrs. Edward Henry, Jr. Invitation to cocktails. 26 Nov [n.y.] e. Small card inscribed "General Hilldring," with U.S. seal. [n.d.] 28 a. Reid, Mr. And Mrs. J. Slainhope. Invitation to cocktails. 28 Oct [n.y.] b. American National Red Cross. Invitation to luncheon. 14 Oct [n.y.] c. Ambassador of Guatemala and Señora de Garcia Granados. Invitation to reception. 20 Oct [n.y.] d. Butler, George Howland. Calling card. [n.d.] e. Envelope addressed to Hilldring. [n.d.] f. Unidentified card. [n.d.] g. Canadian Ambassador. Calling card. [n.d.] h. Minister of Iraq and Mme. Laudat. Invitation to reception. 2 May [n.y.] i. Acting Secretary of State. Invitation to luncheon. 1 Oct [n.y.] 29 a. Mazhari, Brig. Gen. Invitation to cocktails. 26 Nov [n.y.] b. Neakins, Mr. and Mrs. Roger. Invitation to cocktails. 13 Nov [n.y.] c. MacNeill, Mrs., and Miss Clemento. Invitation to reception. 21 Nov [n.y.] d. USSR Ambassador and Mrs. Novikov. Invitation to reception. 7 Nov [n.y.] e. Bradley, Mary. Note re: parcel for Mary Smith. [n.d.] 30 a. Jewish Agency for Palestine in Washington. Invitation to celebrate Balfour Declaration. 1 Nov [n.y.] b. Makins, Alice and Roger. Invitation to dinner. 18 Nov [n.y.] c. Acheson, Dean. Invitation to International Whaling Conference, with admission card. 20 Nov [n.y.] d. Ala, Russein. Calling card + env. [n.d.] e. Assistant Secretary, Department of State. Note: re: Shah's birthday card. [n.d.] 31 a. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Invitation to dinner. 2 Nov [n.y.] b. Sanson, Lady. Invitation to dinner. [n.d.] c. Smithsonian Institute. Invitation to celebrate Institute's birthday. 23 Oct [n.y.] d. Ambassador of Great Britain. Invitation to cocktails. 26 Nov [n.y.] e. Ambassador of the Netherlands and Madame Loudon. Invitation to reception. 16 Nov [n.y.] f. Card inscribed "General Hilldring, " with flag, stars, and eagle. [n.d.] 32 a. Truman, Mrs. Invitation to luncheon, with response card + env. 14 Nov [n.y.] b. Card and envelope inscribed with Mrs. Hilldring's name. [n.d.] c. Bellegarde, Dantés. Calling card. [n.d.] d. Brisson, Auguste. Calling card. [n.d.] e. Laroche, Col. R.B. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Théard, Daniel. Calling card. [n.d.] 33 Sirwell, Mrs. ALS to Mrs. Hilldring re: reserved box. 28 Nov 1945 34 a. Norwegian Ambassador and Mme. Munthe Motgenstierne. Invitation to reception. 2 Nov [n.y.] b. Imes, Mr. And Mrs. Hollis Lamar. Invitation to tea and dancing. 21 Dec [n.y.] c. French Ambassador and Mme. Henri Bonnet. Invitation to their home. 9 Dec [n.y.] d. Invitation to meet Jonathan M. Wainwright. 8 Dec [n.y.] e. Woodward, Ellen S., and Mrs. Lorton Sims. Invitation to reception for Mrs. Henry Francis Grady. 4 Dec [n.y.] f. Machado-Hernández, Alfredo. Calling card. [n.d.] g. United Nations Forum. Reservation card. 3 Dec 1945 35-46 Blank 47 a. Morris, Denny. Christmas card. [n.d.] b. Hawkins, Col. W.A. Invitation to reception. 11 Jul [n.y.] c. Stimson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry. Invitation to meet the Eisenhowers. [n.d.] d. Lee, Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Raymond Eliot. Invitation to their home. 15 Mar 1942 47 e. Inter-America Defense Board, U.S. Delegation. Invitation to celebration honoring other delegations. 6 Apr [n.y.] f. Invitation to showing of Dominion Films. 10 Mar [n.y.] 48 a. De Gaulle, Charles. Invitation to a reception. 8 Jul 1944 b. Beynet, Paul. Invitation to luncheon. 10 Feb [n.y.] c. Bethowart, Maj. Gen. and Mme. Invitation to reception. 10 Nov [n.y.] d. Invitation to 1st annual Easter Program. 25 Apr 1943 e. Card from the Carlton Hotel, inscribed with Hilldring's name. [n.d.] f. Trammell, Niles. Courtesy card. . 1945 49 a. [Lehman?], Herbert. TLS to Hilldring re: luncheon invitation. 18 Nov 1943 b. Director General of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and Mrs. Lehman. Invitation to dinner. 27 Jan [n.y.] c. Taggart, Thomas D., Jr. Calling card. [n.d.] d. Permanent admission card to the Delegations. [n.d.] 50 a. Ambassador of Cuba and Señora de Concheso. Invitation to reception. 2 Sep [n.y.] b. Envelope from French Military Mission, addressed to Hilldring. 23 Jun 1944 c. de Saint Didier, General and Madame. Luncheon invitation. 29 Jun [n.y.] 51 a. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army. Invitation to dinner. [n.d.] b. Giraud, Henri. Invitation to reception. 9 Jul 1943 c. Card inscribed "General Hilldring," with United States seal. [n.d.] d. [Strettinius, Edward R.?] Admission card for Dept. of State. [n.d.] e. Bovenchen, Frederick. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Thomas, Miss. Invitation to dinner. [n.d.] 52 a. Ambassador of Paraguay and Senora de Velázquez. Invitation to reception, with envelope. 4 Jun 1943 b. Assistant Secretary of War. Invitation to dinner. [?] Jan [n.y.] c. Lippman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter. Invitation to cocktails. 6 Feb [n.y.] d. Gizand, Le Général. Invitation to dinner. 10 Jul 1943 e. Decorated card, inscribed "General Hilldring." [n.d.] 53 a. Ambassador of Bolivia and Madame Guachalia. Invitation to reception. 2 Jun [n.y.] b. Resident Commissioner of the Philippines to the United States. Invitation to reception. 29 May [n.y.] c. Bethowart, Major General and Mrs. Invitation to dinner. 22 Jul [n.y.] d. Patterson, Judge and Mrs. Invitation to dinner. 7 Nov [n.y.] e. Lee, Major Joseph Shiang-Min. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Cravir, Sgt. Mickey Vanel. Photographic portrait, inscribed on verso. 20 Nov 1943 54 a. Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Invitation to reception. 5 May [n.y.] b. Bonnett, Henri and Mme. Invitation to reception. 21 Nov [n.y.] c. Secretaty of War. Invitation to presentation of Distingushed Service Medal to George C. Marshall. 26 Nov [n.y.] d. Haskell, Mr. and Mrs. John H.F. Invitation to cocktails. [n.d.] e. Anderson, Arthur V. Calling card. [n.d.] f. Card inscribed "Major General Hilldring." [n.d.] g. Embick, Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Invitation. 11 Jan [n.y.] 55 a. U.S. Chief of Staff. Christmas card. [n.d.] b. Morgan, Lt. Gen. F.E. Invitation to buffet supper. 2 Nov [n.y.] c. Kroner, Gen. and Mrs. Invitation to dinner. 29 Nov [n.y. d. Card inscribed "General Hilldring." [n.d.] e. Benson, Col. Rex. Invitation to cocktails. 11 Dec [n.y.] f. Llewellin, J.J. Invitation to cocktails. 2 Dec 1943 g. Hoppenot, Henri. Invitation to luncheon. 10 Nov [n.y.] 56 a. Smith, M.B. Christmas card. [n.d.] b. Board of Directors of the Officers' Service Club of the United Nations, Inc. Invitation to open house. 15 Nov [n.y. c. Johnson, President and Mrs. Invitation to reception. 1 May [n.y.] d. Chairman, French Supply Council. Party invitation. [n.d.] e. Van Boetzelaer, Baroness. Invitation to farewell party. 11 Oct [n.y.] f. Stimson, [Mabel]. Invitation. 1 Dec [n.y.] 57 a. Roosevelt, Eleanor. Invitation to concert, with response card, program, and envelope. 5 Feb 1940 b. Sueyro, Sabà H., and Eduard T. Lapez. Invitation to cocktails. 12 Mar [n.y.] c. Stimson, Henry and Mabel. Invitation to their home. 16 Oct [n.y.] d. Merrett, H.H. Christmas card. [n.d.] e. Canadian Minister. Invitation to luncheon. 9 Mar [n.y.] f. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. Invitation to meet Oneta Culp Hobby. 24 May [n.y.] 58 a. Menu. From a dinner in honor of Gen. George C. Marshall. 16 Oct 1945 b. Card inscribed "Major General J.H. Hilldring." c. Invitation to testimonial dinner of Gen. George C. Marshall. 16 Oct 1946 59 a. Arnold, William R. Invitation to Episcopan Consecration. 11 Oct [n.y.] b. Chargé d'Affaires ad interim and Mrs. L. Novikova, Acting Military Attaché Colonel and Mrs. I. Sarayev and Acting Naval Attaché Captain and Mrs. N. Skriagin. Invitation to reception. 23 Feb [n.y.] 60 a. [Strettinius, Edward R.]. TLS to [Hilldring] re: arrival of Julius Holmes. 5 Dec 1944 b. School of Military Government, U.S. Army. Graduation program. 20 Aug 1943 61 a. De Gaulle, Charles. Invitation to reception. 25 Aug 1945 b. Scheiberling, Edward N. Invitation to reception. 30 Aug [n.y.] 62 a. United States and British Governments. Invitation to Washington Premiere of General Dwight D. Eisenhower's "The True Glory." 20 Sep 1945 b. Hummigan, Robert. TLS to Hilldring re: Armed Forces Series Army Stamp. With env. 6 Sep 1945 c. School of Military Government, U.S. Army. Invitation to graduation ceremonies. 6 May 1943 d. Ambassador of New Zealand and Lady Berendsen. Invitation to reception. 14 Jan 1949 e. Williams, Royal M. Memorandum re: banquet honoring Hilldring. 19 Jul 1926 63 a. Program for festival honoring Fulgeneio Batista. With ticket + env. 1 Feb 1939 b. Diagram of the United States Senate. 24 Aug 1940 64 a. Truman, Mrs. Invitation to reception. With envelope. 28 Jan 1946 b. War Department. Invitation. 19 Sep [n.y.] c. Granik, Theodore. Admission card to "The American Forum of the Air." [n.d.] d. Card inscribed "General Hilldring." [n.d.] e. War Department. Special Orders No. 66. 20 Mar 1946

People: Hilldring, John H., 1895-1974

Historical Era: Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

Subjects: Military HistoryGovernment and CivicsDiplomacyGlobal History and CivicsForeign AffairsEntertaining and HospitalityThanksgivingHolidays and CelebrationsFranceMuseumArt, Music, Theater, and FilmAsiaWoman AuthorWomen's HistoryCommunismUnited NationsCharity and PhilanthropyPresidentLaborOrganized LaborWorld War IICaribbeanLatin and South AmericaEducationAustralia and Pacific IslandsNavyAviationBankingEconomicsMiddle EastMarriageCanadaJudaismWhalingFirst LadyMusicReligionIndia

Sub Era: World War II

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