Internship Program

Internship Program

2023–2024 Academic Year


Applications for the 2023–2024 Academic Year are now closed.

The applications for Summer 2024 will open in February 2024. If you would like to be notified about internships that may become available during the academic year, please complete the internship interest form here.

Two Gilder Lehrman Interns working at the Collection, examining a historical photograph while wearing white gloves

The Gilder Lehrman Institute supports two internship cycles each year: academic-year internships and summer internships. While most internships are for college students, there may also be internships for high school and graduate school students. Internships are generally available in a variety of departments, including accounting, curatorial, development, digital, education, and marketing.

Please email if you have questions about our internship program.

Testimonials from Previous Interns

“This has been a great experience and it’s given me a lot more confidence that I can pursue a career in history outside of a strictly academic setting.”

“I felt that this internship provided an extremely inclusive environment. Even with the remote internship, I got to work with a wide variety of people who made me a part of the team and who were willing to answer any questions that I had or provide any other help that I required.”

“I felt welcomed and appreciated by my advisor! I loved that, despite my lack of experience, my opinions were asked and considered throughout GLI projects.”

“It is not just the interest in history that makes the internship so enjoyable, it is also the friendly people who make GLI amazing.”

“I believe that I learned extremely valuable professional skills from this internship. My position allowed me to experience a bit of everything—market research, database management, Salesforce, Drupal, etc. I reference this a lot with other potential employers and they are always impressed. The internship helped me learn what it is like to try to balance both work and school and how to communicate professionally.”

“This is my first internship, but of all my past extracurricular experiences, I have felt most respected at GLI. I appreciated that staff welcomed my suggestions rather than simply expecting me to follow instructions. I also liked the weekly check-in meetings as they helped keep me on track.”