Veterans Legacy Program

Veterans Legacy Program

Their Full Measure: Americans on the Battlefield


In partnership with the National Cemetery Administration’s Veterans Legacy Program, the Gilder Lehrman Institute is pleased to offer free professional development sessions, lesson plans, and online exhibitions.

WWII poster showing 1943 troops passing Revolutionary era soldiers

About the Veterans Legacy Program (VLP)

Part of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA), a division of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Legacy Program commemorates our nation’s veterans through the discovery and sharing of their stories. VLP encourages students and teachers at the university and K–12 level around the country to immerse themselves in the rich historical resources found within NCA national cemeteries. Participants research veterans interred in national cemeteries and develop educational tools that increase public awareness of veteran service and sacrifice.

Founded on Memorial Day 2016, the Veterans Legacy Program has established itself as a leading model of community engagement. Partners from across the country have created VLP products and events that reflect the unique impact of veterans on their local community.

How to Research a World War II Veteran

Learn about the historical research process in this step-by-step guide. As you progress, you will have opportunities to apply what you are learning.

Image: American Servicemen and women in Paris celebrating the unconditional surrender of the Japanese, August 15, 1945 (National Archives, 111-SC-210241)

Crowd of military Service members holding up newspapers with "PEACE" headline in large letters

Lives and Legacies of US Veterans and Service Members

Professional Development

A mix of online and in-person PD sessions exploring American Veterans' and Service Members' lives on and off the battlefield.

Lesson Plans

These units focus on the service and sacrifice of military personnel help students learn and practice the skills to analyze visual and textual source materials.

Online Exhibition

This online exhibition introduces viewers to nineteen men and women who served during six conflicts in American history.