Frequently Asked Questions

General Exhibition FAQ 

How can I pay?

Do you offer any discounts or grants?

How do you ship the exhibitions?

How do I set up the exhibition?

What happens if something breaks after I receive my exhibition?

Rental FAQ 

How long is the rental period?

How far in advance should I book my rental?

What is included in my rental fee?

Can I bring the exhibition to more than one venue during my rental period?

Can I reschedule my rental?

How do I ship the exhibition back to you?

Purchase FAQ

What materials are included in my exhibition purchase?

Does my purchased exhibition come with the travel/storage case?

Is shipping included in the purchase price?

Can I purchase a “used” exhibition instead of a new one for a lower price?

How long will it take to receive my exhibition?

Setting Up Your Exhibition

All of our exhibition setup guides can be found below. Please note that there are currently three different exhibition bases and each one needs different setup instructions. When in doubt, please refer to the instructions sent to your venue’s exhibition coordinator. 

Old-style exhibition base setup guide: Use this guide if you've rented Alexander Hamilton, Becoming the US, Freedom: A History of US, or WWI. Most Immigration exhibitions will also use this guide. 

New-style metal exhibition base setup guide: Use this guide if you've rented Frederick Douglass: Advocate for Equality. Some copies of Immigration: An American Story will use this as well. 

New-style plastic exhibition base setup guide: Use this guide if you’ve rented Who Can Vote?: A Brief History of Voting Rights.