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Davis, George (fl. 1803-1811) Extracts from Davis' journal of activities as American Consul in Tripoli

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC02794.148 Author/Creator: Davis, George (fl. 1803-1811) Place Written: [Tripoli] Type: Manuscript document Date: 1809 Pagination: 4 p. 23 x 18.6 cm

Mentions letter from Ahmet Bashaw Caramanli, received on 12 October 1809. 27 October: "The American Janissary was beaten at the Marine by the Bashaw's Kasnadan." Davis vows to file a formal complaint despite the Bashaw's attempt to prevent such action. The Bashaw eventually agrees to apologize in formal meeting at his Castle on 14 November 1809, which Davis describes in an entry from 18 November: "[the] flag of the United States was hoisted and Saluted from the Castle." GLC 2794.154 also refers to this incident. 18 November entry also mentions: "[n]egociated Mr [Tobias] Lear's bill in favor of Bryan McDonough, Esq:--" Journal entries spanning 11 October to 24 November 1809.

Extracts from the Journal.--
October 11. Sailed the English Brig of War for Malta.
$12.- Fort of Ramadan; gave the Kehia and Sheik of the Sheriffs 6lb.
Sugar and 6lb. Coffee each $8, and customary present to Drogerman and
Moor $4.-
Arrived the Bashaw's Xebeque Hadge Cercy from Bengaza,
having on board the Second Son of Sidi Ahmet Caramanli, Bey of Derna; he
was saluted on having the vessel.-
12. A private audience; received a letter from Sidi Ahmet etc. etc.
13. Sailed last evening the Imperial ship detained by the Bey's cruizer [sic]
Mahomet Rais, and liberated by order of the Bashaw.-
14. Sailed a Xebeque under French colours for Leghorn laden with Tripoli
15. Sailed a vessel under Ottoman colours for Rhodes.
A private audience.-
16. Arrived a Greek Bombard in eleven days from Malta.
17. A private audience with the Bashaw; communicated to H. E. the contents
of Sidi Ahemt's letter.-
Sailed the Greek Bombard for Malta.
18. Arrived the Bashaw's Xebeque Rais Ibrahim from Bengaza.-
19. Arrived last evening a large Greek polacre sent in for adjudication by Rais
Armor Shelly.
A private audience. H. E. expressed his doubts of the validity
of the prize, but could form no opinion as her papers on board the cruizer.-
21. A private audience.

[2] Imperial ship.
Octr. 25. A private audience.-
Both of Shelly's prizes appear to be illegal, -the Greek
being laden with Ottoman and the Imperial with English property.
26. A private audience.
Dispatched a Courrier to Tunis with letters to Algiers,
Government etc.
27. The American Janissary was beaten at the Marine by the Bashaw's
Kasnadar. H. E. sent me a message prohibiting my making any direct complaint
to him of this outrage - no doubt from the false representations of his
28. A private audience with the Minister - informed him that I should make a formal
remonstrance respecting the indignity offered me, and that I expected
exemplary satisfaction.
30. Sailed the Bashaw's polacre Donat Lotier for Leghorn.-
31. An interview with the Minister. He expressed his regrets at the occurrence of
which I complained and assured me that as soon as his health would permit
him to see the Bashaw his master should be undeceived in regard to the false
reports he had heard.
Novr. 1. Addressed a letter to His Excellency the Bashaw complaining of the indignities
that had been offered to this Consulate in the persons of its public servants,
etc. etc.
3. A private audience with the Minister. He informed me that H. E. the Bashaw
had expressed strong displeasure at the Kasnadar's conduct, and that
apology should be offered for his improper behaviour[sic] . I told the Minister
that I expected an answer to my letter and that the proposed reparation
would not be accepted.-
Novr. 4.
Novr. 4 H. E. the Bashaw the requesting to see me; informed the Minister that I should
feel a pleasure in visiting His Excellency in an unofficial manner, but that but the
American Consul would never present himself at the Castle until ample
satisfaction was rendered him: He requested to know the nature of the
reparation required; I replied such as had been offered to England and France -
to the former during the Consulship of Mr. Lucas when an English subject was
beaten under the British flag - to the latter during the Consulate of Mr. Ghies
whose Consulate residence had been violated and a subject forcibly taken
away: that the flag of the United States should be saluted at my first visit to the
6. An audience with Minister. He informed me that the Bashaw thought I urged
my pretensions too far, but that he would nevertheless salute the American
flag after the pasqua; that H. E. expected to see me on the day that the
Consuls made their complimentary visits on the feast of Biram.- I requested the
Minister to inform the Bashaw that I could to present myself until the
satisfaction I had required was obtained.
8. The Bashaw consented to receive my visit on the 4. day of Biram, on which
occasion the flag of the United States should be saluted from the Castle. This
day was fixed upon in order that no flags except those of the United States
and of the Bashaw might be displayed.
$7.74 9. Paid stationary $7.74
Novr. 10.
Novr. 10. Feast of Biram. Gave the usual sum to the Drogerman, Moor
$12.- etc. $12.-
11. All the Consuls at the Castle.
14. The American Consul made his official visit to the Bashaw. On leaving the
Consular house the flag of the United States was hoisted and saluted from
Castle. Gave the usual sum for a salute.-
$6.- 15. To the Minister, Bey of Bengaza and Kehia's servants $6.-
16. A private audience.
$2.- 17. Arrived a Courier from Tunis; received letters from Algiers and a Bill of
Exchange on W[illia]m. Higgens, Esq: for $2,000 paid postage $2.-
18. Negociated [sic] Mr. Lear's bill in favor of Bryan McDonogh, Esq:-
19. Sailed the Bashaw's Xebeque Hadge Cercy for Malta; embarked on board of
her Calmers and Francyco Buttaro, late slaves to this Regency, under the
protection of the United States.-
$7.- 20. A private audience.
Paid for repairing and whitewashing the terrace $7.-
22. Arrived a Greek polacre from [illegible]. Jean d' Acre laden with wheat and
23. A private audience.
24. Arrived a Sicilian Xebeque prize to a Tunisian cruizer [sic].-

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