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Scrapbook, Vol. V.

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC06196.109 Author/Creator: Place Written: s.l. Type: Scrapbook Date: Pagination:

Summary of Content: 1 a. Clipping from [?]: "Forum Speaker." [7 Jan 1947] b. Clipping from [?]: "'Policy-Maker' Speaker at Open Forum Session." [7 Jan 1947] c. Clipping from [?]: "Problems in Occupied Areas." [7 Jan 1947] d. Daily News, Los Angeles. Clipping: "25-year job seen for U.S. in Germany." 7 Jan 1947 2-3 Clipping from The United States News: "Military Men in Key Jobs: Shift from U.S. Tradition. Officers as Presidential Advisers, Diplomats and Agency Heads." 24 Jan 1947 4 a. [New York] Times. Clipping: "Hilldring Warns War Can be Lost." [8 Jan 1947] b. Los Angeles Examiner. Clipping: "General Tells Peace Task." 8 Jan 1947 c. Los Angeles Herald-Express. Clipping: "Gen. Hilldring says Democratizing of Germany Long Task." [n.d.] 4 d. Los Angeles Times. Clipping: "Allied Occupation of Reich 25 Years Held Necessary." 8 Jan 1947 5 a. Gazette, Kalamazoo, Mich. Clipping: "The Decisive Factor." 11 Jan 1947 b. Tribune, Oakland, Calif. Clipping: "At Home and Abroad-Are the American People Apathetic?" 15 Jan 1947 c. Los Angeles Times. Clipping: "Long Reich Occupation Viewed as Necessary." 8 Jan 1947 6 a. Clipping from [?]: "Occupation Chief to Speak Here." [n.d.] b. Infantry Journal. Clipping: "Not Yet Won!" [n.d.] c. California Standard Mail. Clipping: "Following Through On Foreign Policy." 9 Jan 1947 d. New York Herald Tribune. Clipping: "Hilldring Chides Public." [n.d.] e. Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Identification card. [n.d.] f. Los Angeles Daily News. Clipping: "25-Year Job seen for U.S. in Germany." 8 Jan 1947 7 U.S. Department of State. Press release with transcript of Hilldring's speech at the Beverley Hills Community Forum. 6 Jan 1947 8 a. Clipping from unknown magazine: "America and the DPs." [n.d.] b. American Jewish Committee. "News." re: drafts of clauses for the German and Austrian peace treaties. 19 Feb [1947] 9 a. New York Times. Clipping: "State Department Faces Revamping." [n.d.] b. Clipping from [?]: "Generals Entertained." [n.d.] c. The Christian Science Monitor. Clipping: "Hilldring Guides Vital Policies." 19 Feb 1947 10 Costello, James. TLS to Hilldring re: Fort Meyer "Campus Salute" fund raising radio show. 27 Feb 1947 11 a. Magnes, J.L. TLS to Hilldring re: Hilldring's handling of displaced persons in Germany and Austria. 1 Dec 1946 b. Cisler, Walker L. ALS to Hilldring re: telegram. 17 Jan 1947 12 a. Bill, Robert. TLS to Mrs. Hilldring re: furnishings to be purchased for cash. 28 Jan 1947 b. McMillan, Robert E. ALS to Hilldring re: Hilldring's health; current state of the army. 2 Feb 1947 12 c. Finley, David E. TLSto Hilldring re: exhibition of Dutch Art recovered through the Civil Affairs Division. 18 Nov 1946 13 "Paintings Looted from Holland Returned through the Efforts of the United States Armed Forces." [ca. 1946] 14 a. Clipping from [?]: "Holland is deeply grateful to America . . ." [n.d.] b. Clipping from [?]: "Town Talk." [n.d.] 15 a. Clipping from [?]: "Medal for Arab Prince . . ." [n.d.] b. Clipping from [?]: "Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Chinese Envoy Entertain." [n.d.] c. Clipping from [?]: "Independence Is Celebrated By Koreans." [n.d.] d. Die Neue Zeitung. Clipping re: bio of Hilldring. [n.d.] 16 a. The Washington Post. Clipping: "Senate Unit Held Ready to Back IRO." 2 Mar 1947 b. The New York Times. Clipping: "Marshall, Patterson, Urge IRO Link in Senate Unit to Cut Refugee Cost." 2 Mar 1947 c. Washington Star. Clipping: "Senate Unit Approval Likely for U.S. Role in Refugee Organization." [2 Mar 1947] 17 a. "Hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate…on…[a] joint resolution providing for membership and participation… in the International Refugee Organization…" 1 Mar 1947 b. "Report to accompany S.J. Res. 77." 12 Mar 1947 18 a. Farley, James A. Telegram to Hilldring re: birthday dinner of Congressman Sol Bloom. 3 Mar 1947 b. Koh, Whang, Kyung. LS to Hilldring re: visit of the Korean Educational Commission. 4 Dec 1946 19 a. Douglas, L.W. TLS to Hilldring re: thanks for good wishes. 7 Mar 1947 b. Dodge, Joseph. TLS to Hilldring re: Hilldring's talk at Detroit Economic Club. 11 Mar 1947 c. Grassett, A.E. TLS to Hilldring re: congratulations on new post. 20 Feb 1947 d. Decker, Gilbert S. TLS to Hilldring re: note relative to his promotion. 11 Mar 1947 e. Meade, E. Grant. TLS to Hilldring re: lecture to students at Haverford College. 4 Mar 1947 20 a. Chatter Magazine. Clipping: "Newsweek in Washington." [n.d.] b. Washington Post. Clipping: "U.S. Officers Decorated by Russia." 13 Mar 1947 21 a. Wilson, [?]. TLS to Hilldring re: delay in Hilldring's receiving insignia. 5 Mar 1947 b. Clipping from [?]: "Mrs. Truman entertains at the White House Luncheon." [n.d.] 22-23 Time. Clipping: "Digging In." 17 Mar 1947 24 a. The Detroit News. Clipping: "Korea GI Quiz Also Pledged by State Department Aid." 10 Mar 1947 b. Economic Club of Detroit. Program from general meeting. 10 Mar 1947 c. The Detroit Times. Clipping: "Ask U.S. Keep Troops in Korea." 10 Mar 1947 25 Hilldring, John. Speech: "Korea-House Divided and Its Significance in Current International Affairs." 10 Mar 1947 26 a. Davis, Elmer. "Daily Summary of Opinion Developments." 11 Mar 1947 b. Davis, Elmer. Comments re: United States forces in Korea. 10 Mar 1947 c. Davis, Elmer. "U.S. Opinion of Japan and Korea." 14 Mar 1947 27 a. Clipping from [?]: "Turkish Visitors Honor Guests at Blair House Fete." [n.d.] b. Clipping from [?]: "Four Turks Entertained." [n.d.] c. Guest list at reception in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Nazif Inan, Mr. Sevdet Aydinelli and Mr. Ragip Siphani. 28 Mar 1947 28 Smith, Jack. TLS to Hilldring re: request for three dollars. 10 Feb 1947 29 a. Nyárádi, Nicholas. TLS to Hilldring re: invitation to visit Budapest. 19 Mar 1947 b. McCloy, John J. TLS to Hilldring re: thanks for note. 13 Mar 1947 c. Byrne, Thad. TLS to Hillding re: Hilldring's tribute to Col. William Dawson. 20 Mar 1947 d. Christy, D.F. TLS to Hilldring re: case of pet food. 12 Mar 1947 30 The Sunday Star, Washington D.C. Clipping: "Korea's Dream of Liberty Giving U.S. a Nightmare." 30 Mar 1947 31 a. Vandenberg, A.H. TLS to Allen B. Crow re: declining invitation to meeting of the Detroit Economic Club. 6 Mar 1947 b. Sigler, Kim. TLS to Allen B. Crow re: declining invitation to attend meeting of the Detroit Economic Club. 6 Mar 1947 c. Bates, Henry M. TLS to Allen B. Crow re: declining invitation to attend meeting of the Detroit Economic Club. 13 Mar 1947 d. Thomas, Fay M. TLS to Hilldring re: thanks for Hilldring's letter. 17 Mar 1947 31 e. Mullen, Januarius A. TLS to Hilldring re: Hilldring's speech in Detroit. 13 Mar 1947 f. Crow, Allen B. TLS to Hilldring re: forwarding a transcribed copy of Hilldring's speech and newspaper clippings. 17 Mar 1947

People: Hilldring, John H., 1895-1974

Historical Era: Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

Subjects: Military HistoryGovernment and CivicsRefugeesWorld War IIGlobal History and CivicsForeign AffairsArt, Music, Theater, and FilmWartime Pillaging and DestructionMiddle EastAsiaMedalCongressEducationFirst LadyWhite HouseEntertaining and HospitalityEconomics

Sub Era: World War II

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