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Various [World War II letters of Leonard Eugene Graeff of Harrisburg Pennsylvania] [Decimalized .001-.601]

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC09611 Author/Creator: Various Place Written: Various Type: Header Record Date: 1937-1963 Pagination: 672 items

Summary of Content: 672 items, primarily letters from and to Leonard Eugene Graeff. Many of the letters are between him and his parents Raymond James Graeff and Susan Prowell Graeff. The items date from 1937 to 1963 with the bulk of the material from 1942-1945. The letters contain day to day details of Leonards life and time in the service and traning. He attended Great Lakes Training Center in Illinois and was stationed in Hawaii after training. Most of the letters disscuss news from home. Of note Leonard also recieved letters from some friends who were also in the military and from their families keeping him up to date.

People: Allen, Lucy, fl. 1944
Alsedeck, Donnie, fl. 1943
Arnold, Dick, fl. 1943-1945
Atticks, fl. 1943
Atticks, Geo, fl. 1943
Bates, Dorothy, fl. 1945
Bayler, Charlotte, fl. 1943-1944
Belher, Doris E., fl. 1944
Bieble, Janie, fl. 1944
Biphen, Davie, fl. 1944
Bishop, E.A., fl. 1940-1945
Bixler, Doris, fl. 1944-1945
Boat, Hedgy, fl. 1943
Brady, Doris, fl. 1945
Brady, Jeanne, fl. 1945
Brady, Kenneth L., fl. 1944-1945
Brady, Mrs., fl. 1945
Brady, Russell, fl. 1945
Bretz, W.S., fl. 1945
Bretz, W.S., Mrs., fl. 1945
Bretz, William S., fl. 1945
Brian, Wilbur, fl. 1944
Brown, Paul, fl. 1943
Caniff, Milton, 1907-1988
Canne, Betty Joan, fl. 1943
Chambers G.W., fl. 1945
Dayhoff, Lorraine, fl. 1927-1945
Dewey, Thomas Edmund, 1902-1971
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969
Emmet, R.R.M., fl. 1943
Ensminger, Frank, fl. 1944
Erickson, Dottie, fl. 1924-1945
Everhard, Virginia, fl. 1944
Fackler, Dick, fl. 1943
Fencil, Eddie, fl. 1943-1945
Fencil, Lorraine, fl. 1928-1946
Fencil, Melvin, fl. 1943-1945
Fencil, Roselina, fl. 1943-1945
Fickle, Tom, fl. 1944
Fisher, Eleanor, fl. 1945
Forqusto, John R., fl. 1939
Fortenbaugh, Joe, fl. 1944
Foster, Carl, fl. 1946-1947
Foster, Nate, fl. 1946
Frank, Charlie P., fl. 1943-1946
Frank, Dale, fl. 1943
Frank, fl. 1938
Fuibles, Jim, fl. 1943
Funk, Bus, fl. 1945
Garrison, Bob, fl. 1943
Gassert, Jo, fl. 1943-1945
Gassert, Johnny, fl. 1944
Gassert, Thomas William, fl. 1943-1945
Good, Arvilla, fl. 1944-1945
Good, Ed, fl. 1944-1945
Good, Johnnie, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Charles, fl. 1944-1945
Graeff, Edna, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Herman, fl. 1944
Graeff, Leonard Eugene, 1920-2016
Graeff, Lulu, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Mabel, fl. 1945
Graeff, Malinda, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Margurite, fl. 1943-1946
Graeff, Melvin, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Raymond James, 1889-1963
Graeff, Stanley, fl. 1943-1945
Graeff, Susan Prowell, 1890-1967
Grass, Joyce, fl. 1943
Green, Pearl, fl. 1943
Greenwald, Nancy, fl. 1943
Griest, A. J., fl. 1939
Hall, Janet, fl. 1943
Heller, fl. 1944
Hershey, Milton Snavely, 1857-1945
Hess, Clara, fl. 1943
Hess, Daisy, fl. 1943
Hettriger, Mildred, fl. 1944-1945
Hettriger, Stewart, fl. 1944-1945
Hogentogle, Betty June, fl. 1943
Hogentogle, Lillian C., fl. 1944
Hogentogle, William, 1906-1943
Hollis, Addie May, fl. 1938-1944
Hollis, Dennis, fl. 1938-1944
Hollis, Jessie, fl. 1932-1945
Hollis, Robert, fl. 1932-1944
Hoover, Lee, fl. 1943-1945
Hoover, Ruth, fl. 1944
Hope, Bob, 1903-2003
Huber, Florence, fl. 1943-1945
Huber, John, fl. 1943
Hutton, Bertha, fl. 1943-1945
Hutton, Edith, fl. 1943-1945
Hutton, Floyd, fl. 1943-1945
Hutton, Morris, fl. 1943-1945
Hutton, Seward, fl. 1943-1945
Jacobs, Mary, fl. 1943
Jensen, Marion, fl. 1944
Karr, D.J., fl. 1943
Kauffman, Ida, fl. 1943
Kaye, Dorothy, fl. 1943
Keller, Lloyd, fl. 1945
Klass, Herman, fl. 1944
Klopp, Edna, fl. 1945
Klopp, Herman, fl. 1944-1945
Klopp, Stanley, fl. 1945
Kloss, Charles, fl. 1944
Knox, Paul S., fl. 1943
Kreide, Homer L., fl. 1939
Kukuk, Martha, fl. 1943-1945
Lawly, Thomas, fl. 1939
Lillet, Jimmy, fl. 1944
Lulweider, Bud, fl. 1944
Lungren, Fernand, 1857-1932
Mars, Donald, fl. 1945
McEnany, Olga, fl. 1943
Meyers, Jack, fl. 1944
Mickle, Jack, fl. 1944
Mikalson, Jane Oliphant, fl. 1944
Miller, Richard C., fl. 1941-1945
Miller, Robert Ryder, fl. 1945
Moyer, Kennith H., fl. 1943-1945
Moyer, Mrs., fl. 1945
Myers, Jack, fl. 1944
Nye, Bobby, fl. 1943
Orszulak, Chester, fl. 1944-1945
Otstot, Mrs., fl. 1944
Parthemore, Mary, fl. 1944
Peabody, Eddie, 1902-1970
Pearsin, John B., fl. 1939
Peters, Helen, fl. 1943-1945
Pilgram, Caroline, 1900-1945
Pollack, Charlie, fl. 1943
Prowell, Kenneth, fl. 1945
Reigle, D.J., fl. 1943
Reigle, Ethel fl. 1943
Reigle, John fl. 1943
Riccruit, Mike, fl. 1945
Riccruit, Ruth, fl. 1945
Rider, Lois, fl. 1943
Rife, Dot, fl. 1944
Robert, fl. 1938
Roberts, Natalie, fl. 1943-1944
Rock, Joe, fl. 1944
Roleists, Natalie, fl. 1943
Rooney, Mickey, 1920-2014
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945
Ross, Mrs., fl. 1944
Runk, Dorothy Kaye, fl. 1942-1945
Sanger, Allen, fl. 1944
Sanger, Victor, fl. 1944
Saw, Jack, fl. 1943
Schenk, Edgar, fl. 1943
Schlome, Pete, fl. 1943
Schultz, Betty, fl. 1943
Seitz, Sarah Elizabeth, fl. 1945
Sels, H.K., fl. 1945
Shadow, John R., fl. 1943-1944
Shank, Edgar, fl. 1943-1946
Shearer, Dottie, fl. 1944-1945
Shoemaker, Pamaine, fl. 1943-1944
Simmers, Red, fl. 1944
Skinner, Bob, fl. 1944
Son Pynen, Pyueng, fl. 1943
Spahr, Dicky, fl. 1944
Spangler, Charles, fl. 1945
St. Claire, Jenny, fl. 1943
Stoner, Joe, fl. 1944
Stouffer, Bernice, fl. 1943-1945
Stouffer, E. M., fl. 1943-1944
Stouffer, E.M., Mrs., fl. 1943-1945
Stouffer, Myrtle, fl. 1943-1944
Stouffer, Wayne, fl. 1943-1945
Summers, Red, fl. 1944
Theil, Bruce, fl. 1943
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972
Walter, June, fl. 1943-1945
Warren, Marguerite, fl. 1945
Wickers, Russel, fl. 1945
Winemiller, Dorothy K., fl. 1943-1945
Winemiller, Kathleen, fl. 1943
WInemiller, Larry, fl. 1943
Winemiller, Robert A., fl. 1921-1947
Wolverton, Raymond, fl. 1943-1945
Zell, Edward B., fl. 1943-1945
Zimmerman, Jack, fl. 1944

Historical Era: Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

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