History Now 44 (Winter 2016)

Alexander Hamilton in the American Imagination

From the Editor

Hamilton! This is his moment. After years of being overlooked when Americans named the members of that pantheon known as “the founding fathers,” Alexander Hamilton has finally become a star. Literally. It took a talented young rapper and playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda, to make Hamilton a household name across the country and not just the handsome but unfamiliar face on the $10 bill. Those of us who write about the founding era and those of us who teach it know well that Hamilton deserves this acclaim. He was a Revolutionary war officer, an ardent nationalist who was critical in the calling of the convention that produced our Constitution, the author of many of the Federalist Papers that helped get that frame of government ratified, a confidant and advisor to President Washington, and the genius behind the creation of key institutions that shaped our nations political economy.More »