Alexander Hamilton: Witness to the Founding Era

This series of online exhibitions explores the importance of Alexander Hamilton to the founding of the United States. Each mini-exhibition features locations where Alexander Hamilton made history and documents written by or about him. For classroom use, we have provided links to lesson plans that are most relevant to each of the mini-exhibitions.


Related Lesson Plans

Jefferson v. Hamilton and the Idea of Liberty

Opposing Viewpoints on the Ratification of the US Constitution

How Hamilton Solved the Economic Problems Facing the United States

Understanding President Washington through His First Inaugural and Farewell Addresses


Hamilton v. Burr: The Story behind the Duel

These exhibitions are available through Google Expeditions as a classroom VR experience.

You can find more essays, featured primary sources, interactives, and multimedia on Alexander Hamilton in History Now.

You can also learn more about the Hamilton Education Program developed in partnership with the Hamilton production company and The Rockefeller Foundation: