"Reelect Roosevelt—Friend of Labor," 1936

This Democratic Party campaign poster from 1936 outlines some of the agencies and regulations Franklin Roosevelt put in place to try to solve the most urgent problems of the Great Depression. While it reminds laborers of how they have benefitted from the New Deal and encourages them to support Roosevelt’s reelection, it acknowledges that the Depression is not over and that "the unemployed still look for jobs." The "printer’s bug" in the lower left indicates that the poster was printed by a union shop.



President Roosevelt has not given lip service to Labor. He did not promise a chicken in every pot and 2 cars in every garage. But he is doing all in his power to make life easier, safer, and happier for the average man and woman.

The "standpatters" and the greedy interests are "ganging up" against the President. They want a return to Republican prosperity—for the few at the top. President Roosevelt stands for lasting prosperity—in which all share, for "higher wages for workers, more income for farmers, more goods produced, more and better food eaten, fewer unemployed, and lower taxes." (Franklin D. Roosevelt, April, 1936.)